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The Bridge - Jubilex (Season Finale) - Review: "Is That It?"

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Previously on The Bridge: Sebastian has gained Eleanor's loyalty, the CIA is working a shady deal, Linder had a less than successful attempt at murder, Marco is in a bad situation, and Sonya & Hank are very close to solving everything.


As much as I would like to say that I saw Linder's revival coming, I really did not. When I first saw that Linder was in the back of the semi, I rolled my eyes faster than you would believe. Linder continues to feel SO out of place on The Bridge (on top of that I can't understand a word the guy says). His reunion with Eva only worked because it seemed like it was finally an end to their story. With Robles' reputation in shambles and Linder seemingly free of his obsession, the two are somewhat free to live their lives. If the Bridge gets a third season, I am praying that they do not bring Linder & Eva back. Just let them be. Linder fans, let me know your side of this story in the comments below.


Frye's sobriety has been virtually nonexistent this season and as such I was really expecting that the writers would expound on this plot point. For whatever reason, the season finale only included two mentions of his drinking problem. I know it seems like we've gone through his substance abuse story before, but I can't see why Frye's tragic flaw was just ignored when it came to the season finale. This was a major oversight in my opinion. Additionally, I didn't really get a whole lot out of what Frye and Adriana had going on in this episode. They were continuing their investigation and gained an inside source (Hank), but it didn't really feel like they did anything worthy of a season finale.


Marco's adventures with Fausto and Romina in the desert were probably the best part of the last 2 episodes. However, the fact that they were so good makes it even more disappointing that, in the end, Marco just walks Fausto into the police department and books him like he's on Hawaii Five-0. This reminded me of the complaints from The Mentalist fans when the major villain ended up scared of a bird (I never watched the show, but I heard the moans of fans loud and clear). After all that anticipation, Fausto just sits down in a jail cell and sulks. It was impossible to not feel let down.


All season long Eleanor's backstory has been teased and has always seemed very interesting. Towards the end of the season the thought occurred to me that the season finale is going to have to include a showdown between Eleanor and Sonya and it's also going to have to bring the story between Eleanor and her father to some sort of a close. I figured that these would coincide and that Eleanor's father would end up being a bargaining piece that would lead to an awesome showdown. In all of the scenarios I imagined I never thought the showdown would be quite as big of a letdown as what aired. When the camera zoomed out to the shot of the world all I could say was, "ok, so what?". We've seen Eleanor act like a freak before and we've seen Sonya shoot people before so it just didn't feel like it was the amazing finale I was hoping for.

Rating: 7.8/10 - It hurts me to give the season finale such a low score (a series low from me I believe), but so many stories fizzled to a forced and, at times, boring season finale. Overall, I think The Bridge is capable of writing a much better finale than they did. I have no complaints with the performances of the actors in this episode, but the writing just left me wondering why it all mattered. If The Bridge is able to grasp a third season, the writers are going to seriously need to consider where they want to take the story.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below.

Quotes (with answers):

You take me to prison... I'll still be King. - Fausto Galvan
You're drunk and stupid. - Adriana
I am not stupid. - Frye
I prefer to do this myself - Eleanor
Go be with you family.... I'll be with mine. - Eleanor
The demon is still inside of you. - Eleanor

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