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Sleepy Hollow - The Weeping Lady - Review: "Our duty must be to one another"

   Sleepy Hollow offered us last night its 5th episode, titled "The Weeping Lady" on FOX. It was an excellent episode, no surprise here- but for once, not a lot of things happened during the hour. It doesn't mean it was a filler episode, not at all. "The Weeping Lady" was more centered on its characters, mostly Ichabod and Katerina's relationship.
   The episode, as said in its title, introduced us to a new evil creature : The Weeping Lady. She was quite scary, especially when she attacked the young couple in that car, I was very surprised. The whole episode revolved around her, who she was and why she was attacking people. That coul sound like a filler, but in Sleepy Hollow's tradition, it was the episode where Ichabod first distanced himself from Katerina and his duty as a husband.

   The Weeping Lady first attacked and killed poor nice Carolyn. Remember her from last year, at the Colonial reenactment. She met with Crane and instantly she had a huge crush on him (like all of us). The opening of the episode, when she brought Crane clothes and then tried to kiss him only to be interrupted by Abbie, after the revelation Crane was actually married, was pure gold. In less than 20 seconds, I had a big smile on my face and I was already into Sleepy Hollow's universe. I think it's one of the rare show that has this ability, when the episode starts it felt like no time had passed since last Monday.
   Anyways, Ichabod was particularly touched by Carolyn's death. She was his only normal friend in this world. I'd love to see more of them, I was too very fond of Carolyn. After questioning the high school who got attacked by The Weeping Lady, Ichabod and Abbie went looking for that mysterious creature at the town's library. That's where Abbie got attacked by The Weeping Lady and almost drown ! As always, Ichabod was there to guide her through his voice and save her from an awful monster. But when Abbie did come back, he couldn't resuscitate her because he can't do mouth to mouth. Luckily Hawley was there and saved Abbie from a certain death. That would have been silly to loose her over this. So maybe Hawley has a bigger part into the War against Moloch ? I wouldn't mind seeing more of him actually.

   During the attack, Abby had taken a part of her clothes and when she showed it to Ichabod, he instantly Ichabod recognized it. It was from Mary, her former fiancée. They were promised to each other when they were children.  She came to visit him in America during the war, and met Katerina too. I loved those flashback scenes, it's nice to see Ichabod in his time. He's more comfortable. Ichabod broke off his engagement to Mary, which caused her much pain. It's understandable who would let go such a man ? But he received a letter the day after, in which Mary apologized for her behavior and explained she had gone back to England.
   So the Weeping Lady is actually another evil creature tied to Ichabod, I wish Abby had more of her side too but Ichabod comes from the past, so his monsters are more interesting, I understand. So, the Weeping Lady turned out to be Ichabod's former fiancée, she was a very jealous woman and she killed one woman in love with Crane and attacked another closed to him, Abbie. So; Katerina was in danger, she had to be the next on Mary's list, especially since she had stolen her letter to Ichabod in his pocket.

   Then came the most interesting part of the episode. Katerina saved herself from Mary, using her magic, finally ! I was so happy to see it, even if it was short. And she was reunited with Ichabod and Abbie. They understood only War was capable of giving life to the tormented spirit of Mary, as Katerina knew a spell against it, she and Abbie (I loved her line about not being a witch, but a witness) performed a spell against the Weeping Lady. The spell actually worked, and stopped her but not before Ichabod could talk to her and asked her why she was still there. Afterall, she was back in England, why her spirit stayed in Sleepy Hollow ? And Mary answered by pointing at Katerina !
   Katerina had some explaining to do, because Ichabod was quite angry. Tom Mison's angry face is quite terrifying. Katerina explained she actually met with Mary the day she had first met her. Mary was upset and jealous of her relationship with Ichabod and tried to psu her over. But, Mary she fell down and killed herself. Katerina had forged the letter and sent it to Ichabod so he never knew what happened, and stayed in Sleepy Hollow to accomplish his duty as a Witness.
   Once again, Katerina had lied to Ichabod, about being a spy, being a witch, being pregnant.... That's a lot, and maybe Ichabod is now tired of her lies. I've never seen him that angry, even when he learnt about his son. Yet, she still saved him from Abraham, using her magic once again ! (Yay girl ! Keep it coming).
   Ichabod has changed, this new lie from Katerina made him realize she isn't always trustworthy, whereas Abbie is. His relationship with Abbie is far more honest and direct, Katerina is too mysterious. So, Ichabod has said he wants to put his duty as a Witness first. That's a big chance, Katerina always has been his priority, next to Abbie but lst year he let her in purgatory to be with Katerina.  Maybe he is reacting out of anger, we will see in the next episodes but I can feel a small crack in Ichabod and Katerina's marriage.
   And Katerina is still playing a dangerous game with Abraham, faking her love and affection towards him. This game could also affect her, at the end when she thanked him with tears in her eyes, she really meant it. For a moment, Katerina didn't see the Horseman of Death but Abraham.

   The episode ended on War's visit to Moloch and Moloch wasn't happy at all about War's initiative to call the Weeping Lady. She tried to kill Katerina and Moloch revealed he doesn't her dead, she is a vessel so he needs her in his plan. That's some exciting news !
   Poor War realized he is just a soldier, he has to obey. I'm not sure how Henry will react to that, he tried to please Moloch and got rejected and we all know the man has a story about rejection.

   "The Weeping Lady" was another excellent episode of Sleepy Hollow. This second season is really amazing, even better than the first one. Things are moving fast, the relationships are evolving and there's never a dull moment. It's exactly what I want to see on TV. Sleepy Hollow is the best entertainment.

   And you, what did you think of "The Weeping Lady" ? Are you enjoying this new season ? Hit the comments !

 Witnesses notes :
* Ichabod at High School, with the Cheerleaders. I have no idea how the writers find those ideas, but it's always hilarious to watch Crane confronted to our reality.
* Jenny and Hawley know each other wery well. Wow, that kiss ! I though Hawley has a thing for Abbie, I was wrong. Never expected that, can't wait to see Abbie's face when she knows.
* Hawley lives on a boat. I've always found people living on a boat suspicious.
* Carolyn's funeral was sad but original. Will you miss her ?
* The library was nice, I'd love to see it more.
* War ate Katerina' sins using her handwriting on a book ?
* I loved the different shots, in the woods, when Katerina was talking to Abraham and Ichabod was looking at headless body.
* So, what do you think will happen between Ichabod and Katerina ?

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