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Sleepy Hollow – The Kindred –Review: "Our Monster" 

   This week, Sleepy Hollow offered us a splendid episode, titled “The Kindred”. It wasn’t as great and explosive as the season premiere, but it was a solid installment, in which we finally got to see more of Katrina (even though she is still separated from Ichabod) and War finally in action.
   The episode was focused on Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny’s plan (mostly Ichabod’s) to save Katrina from the Horseman of Death, with Benjamin Franklin’s latest creation : The Kindred, a great monster as powerful as the Horseman of Death. And also, a new character was introduced : Sheriff Reyes

   I was glad, Ichabod and Abbie got to spend more time this week. Their relationship is so vital to the show, I always miss seeing them together ; even though this week, everything wasn’t so perfect between our heroes.
   Abbie questioned Ichabod’s priorities when he put Katrina first, behind his duty as a Witness. Sure, Moloch was quiet after being defeated last week, so the Witnesses didn’t need to save the world this week from any weird and scary monsters. Abbie acted a bit jealous. Of course Ichabod would want to rescue his wife, after being separated for hundreds of years. It showed Abbie is more willing to lose than Ichabod’s in their quest against Evil. But I’m not sure if Jenny were kidnapped and Abbie had a vision about her dying, she wouldn’t risk it all to save her.
   Ichabod and Abbie both have someone else they care very much for, and that is one of their weakness. But their main weakness is each other. They both have such a strong and trustworthy relationship. It was very touching when Abbie finally opened up about her experience in Purgatory. Seeing the demon version of Ichabod made her realize how strong their bind is, and what Ichabod means to her. She put all of her trust in him.
   Ichabod even has another weakness : the Horseman of War, his son. And it’s perhaps the main reason why Abbie was worried about their plan to lure Death to get Katrina. Ichabod’s link to Henry might put their mission to save the world in jeopardy. Henry can manipulate Ichabod easily, because Ichabod still see Henry as his son and he has hope to bring him back. It’s quite understandable, he always wanted a son and now he finally has one. But, Henry isn’t his son anymore, he is the Horseman of War. And the story is just so much better this way.

   As Katrina were in danger, of a bloody and deadly binding ritual to Abraham, our Witnesses had to find a way to save her from the Horseman of Death, or at least to lure him out and get her. And Benjamin Franklin’s creation (the help of Katrina’s coven) : The Kindred, will be a great asset for their plan. They should have known about it sooner, because The Kindred is amazing. It can be like their Horseman of Death, as Ichabod said their “monster”. They just need the corpse Franklin prepared, made up deceased soldiers and mostly the Horseman's head. (I love his head). And that way, we got to see Captain Irvin, who was the one to dispose of the head. I was glad to see him, even if he was in prison and beaten.
   I’m really excited about The Kindred. I loved how it came to life, with Ichabod reciting the spell. Abbie was first reluctant to create the Kindred, because it meant adding a monster to the world, but, in the best scene of the episode- where Death, War and Kindred fought off, Abbie quickly realized what a great asset Kindred can be for them. He almost killed Death and even agginst the two Horsemen, he was stronger and made them go.

   As Abbie and Kindred were busy with Death and War, Ichabod finally got reunited with Katrina. It was so sweet to watch them together, but my happiness was cut short when Katrina refused to follow Ichabod and go.
   I first thought Abraham finally got to Katrina. He tried to play with her jealousy. She saw and noticed, as everyone else did, that Ichabod and Abbie are quite close and share a special link. But Katrina didn’t walk into it, her decision to stay is way more clever.
   While being captive, she can spy on Death and War, and try to figure out Moloch’s plans and advise Ichabod and Abbie. I must say, it was a great twist and a very intelligent move from the writers. Ichabod had to go save her wife but having Katrina with Ichabod and Abbie for good would have been so weird and way too soon. We still need to explore Ichabod and Abbie’s relationship before adding Katrina in the dynamic. Because she will change everything. Abbie and Ichabod share something special, it's not love (yet ?) but they still need to be just together to understand what they are for each other. Ichabod is too loyal to Katrina and their wedding vows to betray her, and he would get away from Abbie.
   Now at least Katrina has something interesting to do, and a bit dangerous. It’s better than being stuck in Purgatory. Let’s hope she just won’t sit and listen for the next episodes. I’m also enjoying Katrina and Abraham ‘s relationship, I’m glad we can see it more developed. Abraham, and his hate for Ichabod are a big part of the show and its mythology. I'm starting to understand better Abraham and his reasons, I’m really looking forward more flashbacks and more scenes between Katrina and him. She will play on his desire for her so it can be very interesting...

   “The Kindred” wasn’t all about mission Katrina, it also introduced the new sheriff of Sleepy Hollow. It’s a she, and she quite different from Irvin. She is arrogant and she doesn’t seem like a good person. Captain Irvin had his doubts at first, but he was always loyal and it was clear he didn’t have bad intentions. I can’t say the same for Sheriff Reyes.
   But, Sheriff has a connection to Abbie and Jenny. She knew their mother. And I bet there’s more to it, so I can’t wait to find more about it. I can’t predict where the minds behind Sleepy hollow are heading but I have learnt to trust them and to be confident in their talent.
   In the meantime, the new sheriff was a pain in the ass in “The Kindred”. She first arrested Jenny, but the worst part what she did to Irvin. She really didn’t believe him and thought he was a cold murderer. Clearly, she is a poor judge of character. She finally got him institutionalized and drugged. Bitch ! It’s strange she is willing to go that far just to keep him quiet, she might know more about demons and Moloch than she's pretending…. And maybe Abbie’s mother too, that’s why people said she was crazy (just like Jenny). We will see.
   The ending was pretty cool, with Jeremy walked in Sheriff Reyes and Irvin to announce he will be Captain Irvin’s lawyer . Irvin doesn’t seem to know, yet, that Jeremy is War. And I wonder, why Jeremy would be so interested in Irvin’s fate ? To get to Abbie ? Or for something else ?

   “The Kindred” was a very solid and entertaining episode. It was a great continuation to the season premiere and the events of last season, but now we can feel, slowly, we are really moving into the second season, with new characters and storylines coming.
   I’m looking forward next Monday, are you ? Hit the comments !

Witnesses notes : 

• The opening sequence is back ! And John Noble and Lyndie Greenwood are now in it : )
• Did you love as much as I did when they cut Katrina’s head in Ichabod’s dream ?
• Ichabod and “the wedding industry”. He totally cracked me up.
• Which romantic moment did you prefer ? Abbie’s declaration to Ichabod he is her weakness or Ichabod and Katrina sharing a passionate kiss ? I really can’t choose.
• Katrina and Ichabod still consider Henry / War as their son… Do you think they will be able to turn him back at some point ? I can see that happening for one episode but War is Hell !
• “Bringing some sanity back” in Sleepy Hollow… Good luck with that Sheriff Reyes
• Abbie, seriously, a shot gun against the Horseman of War, what were you thinking ?
• So men denying to be lost when they actually are is something quite old.
• I loved it when the three monsters were fighting off, it was just so amazing. It was kind of gross and weird in a way but mainly it was so fun. Totally the kind of scenes I loved in Sleepy Hollow.

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