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Sleepy Hollow - Go Where I Send Thee... - Advance Preview

   Last week, “Root of All Evil” was an excellent episode, more focused on Abbie and Jenny for once and I really appreciated it. Ichabod and Katrina are very interesting characters, with their complex and difficult relationships (with the Horsemen) ; they are in the center of the show’s mythology but Abbie is a Witness too and I’m very fond of her relationship with Jenny.
   So, last week episode delighted me. Sheriff Reyes’s arrival and those evil coins put Abbie and Jenny’s relationship to test, and it showed how much they care for each other. It’s very brilliant (as usual) from the Sleepy Hollow writers to have this parallelism between Ichabod and Katrina’s love and Abbie and Jenny’s. Their relationships are different, husband/wife – sisters, but the link and the love is the same. And those relationships need to be equally explored.

   But mostly, in “Root of All Evil”, Abbie and Jenny finally realized their mother wasn’t crazy, she knew about the demons, she protected her daughters and sacrificed herself. I didn’t expect that revelation to come so soon, but Sleepy Hollow never wastes time in its storytelling.
   I was glad Reyes showed a new side of her, she isn’t that cold and cruel, so maybe at some point she could start believing in the Apocalypse War on Earth.

   In last week episode, a new character was introduced : Nick Hawley. He’s a bounty hunter, and he was after the evil coins, like Ichabod and Abbie. I really enjoyed his introduction and the beginning of his relationships with our Witnesses. I could totally feel an attraction between Abbie and him, and it could turn out interesting. The girl deserves a love interest at some point, she can’t wait for Ichabod forever. And Crane and Hawley are great together. They’re so different, they kinda hate each other, so it gives the show a new comic relief. And thanks to him, Ichabod finally has an ID !

   In next Monday episode, “Go Where I Send Thee…”, you can expect Hawley to be back and to spend more time with Ichabod and Abbie. The three of them will go on a mission to find a missing child. But, as a bounty hunter, Hawley will be more interested in a special artifact than rescuing the girl.

   But that’s not all you can expect from “Go Where I Send Thee…”, here’s a list of what you can expect :
- Driving lessons ! After the debacle in the premiere where Ichabod couldn’t drive, Abbie has decided to teach him. It will be hilarious.
- Someone from Abbie’s past, again ! Abbie has a connection with the missing girl’s family.
- A dark, terrific, surprising and shocking vision. I really wish this vision will not happen because it’s so dramatic. Remember when we watched Katrina being bonded to Abraham and got her head cut off, this time, it’s way, way, way worst.
- Missing people ! The episode is about a missing girl, but there will be two absents from the main cast.
- A special magic musical artifact ! What that instrument can do to people is amazing and terrifying.
- Explosions ! Three really nice explosions. I’m very fond of explosions on TV : )
- Remember last week, Irvin finally learnt his lawyer was actually the Horseman of War. Well, he will get another shocking revelation in this new episode. It’s not that surprising, for us because we have noticed it, but it’s still a great twist.
- And of the Pied Piper ! He’s terrific and so scary. He’ll probably give you nightmares, he’s even worse in action than one picture.

   “Go Where I send Thee…” is another excellent episode, in this great second season of Sleepy Hollow. The story never gets boring, new characters are added, horrific creatures come to destroy and kill and Ichabod and Abbie share some hilarious moments together.

   And finally, the quote game. Guess from which character those quotes are :

1- “It’s perfect”
2- “I should arrest your ass for it”
3- “The evil we face is real, it exists”
4- “He is fast”
5- “A lie by omission is still a lie”
6- “If you would perform the log in ceremony”
7- “Are you serious ??”
 8- “Are you gloating ?”


    Are you excited about “Go Where I Send Thee…” ? Don’t miss it Monday, Oct. 13 on FOX. Hit the comments !

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