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Sleepy Hollow - Episode 2.08 - Heartless - Extended Synopsis

Episode 2.08 - Heartless (10-Nov-2014)

As Ichabod and Katrina enjoy a brief respite from their latest tribulations, they attempt to reconcile their recently conflicted feelings, but a lingering doubt – sown by the actions of their foes – continues to creep into their relationship. All the while, Abbie remains intent on preventing whatever next move Henry Parish and his master Moloch are planning. Meanwhile, the Horseman of War is indeed still intent on resurrecting his Dark Lord, and summons forth “The Heartless,” a deadly female succubus with the ability to look into her victims’ soul and mimic their heart’s desire... before siphoning off their life force. When the husk of the body of a young bar patron is discovered in the parking lot of a local establishment, Crane and Mills investigate. While Abbie remains convinced Parish has no doubt played some part in this latest supernatural event, both Ichabod and Katrina try their best to maintain their belief that their son “Jeremy” is still not beyond redemption.

Meanwhile, Henry focuses his attention on the task at hand, namely, using the succubus’s unique powers to achieve his ultimate goal of facilitating Moloch’s entry to the waking world... but how her skills will aid his task still remains a mystery to those who would prevent it. And as bodies in Sleepy Hollow continue to pile up, Katrina aids in the Two Witnesses’ investigation, but it takes Abbie some time adjusting to the teams’ new makeup and to be convinced of the witch’s worth.