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Sleepy Hollow - Episode 2.07 - Deliverance - Extended Synopsis

2.07 - Deliverance (03-Nov-2014)

Henry Parish’s most recent mystical attack against his mother, Katrina, begins to bear fruit, and while Abraham (aka The Horseman of Death) is aware that some mysterious ailment has befallen his love, he is unaware her sickness is the doing of his demonic compatriot. The two Horsemen of the Apocalypse reach an impasse when Abraham resists Henry’s attempts to take Katrina back to Fredericks Manor – ostensibly at Moloch’s command – and in the ensuing struggle, Katrina manages to escape. Ichabod and Abbie soon locate her and make the stark discovery that whatever the source of Katrina’s ailment, it appears to all be part of Moloch’s as-of-yet unknown “new purpose” for her. Upon getting Katrina to the relative safety of the Archives, Crane consults Benjamin Franklin’s notebooks and determines that whatever ails his wife has its origins in the ancient – though still active – secret society known as The Hellfire Club. As the Two Witnesses work to keep Katrina safe until a cure can be unearthed, they make a startling discovery about her condition, and come to the unlikely conclusion that in order to prevail against a ticking clock and a setting sun, they will need to put their faith in the most unlikely of sources... a hope that may in the end prove futile.

Meanwhile, Ichabod and Katrina come to realize that despite their now close physical proximity, recent events have succeeded in driving an emotional wedge between them. And while Ichabod continues to hold out hope that his son is not wholly beyond redemption, he remains cognizant of the fact he is, after all, The Horseman of War.