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Sleepy Hollow - And the Abyss Gazes Back - Review: "I must fight for my son"

   I know I keep repeating myself here, but I’m still amazed each week by Sleepy Hollow. The quality of this show is so great and it has such an extraordinary storytelling. I’ve never watched a show with that special ability to mix several types like Sleepy Hollow does. It has comedy, drama and supernatural phenomenons, with a historical side. It’s so unique and wonderful.
   Even if this week episode, “And the Abyss Gazes Back”, Sleepy Hollow’s writers prove the extent of their talent. In any other shows, it could have been a filler (and boring) episode but thanks to the fast and interesting storytelling and the few twists along the way, the episode was a great entertainment. The story kept moving, War’s plan is coming together and Abbie' story had a surprising impact on Ichabod.

   Last week, we watched Henry/War smashed some bones. In “And the Abyss Gazes Back”, we finally understood why he did that. He used the powder to cast a curse on Joe, Corbin’ son, to turn him into a Wendigo. Sleepy Hollow has reinvented another monster and their Wendigo is excellent. It was scary and disgusting, eating raw human organs. I really loved how Joe turned into it, it was well done.
Joe was back in Sleepy Hollow, since he was discharged from the military and soon met Abby again. They obviously share a special relationship, since they knew each other since he was a child. Joe first seemed a bit jealous and envious of Abbie. His father took her as his protégé and he must have felt left out.
    After his first attack at Pioneers Point in Sleepy Hollow, Joe the Wendigo was quickly made by our Witnesses. They followed him back to where he first attacked and killed his friends, because he was actually looking for something his father had left there for him. It turned out it was a deadly poison, that War wanted. I loved it when Ichabod was running away from the monster and Abbie kept shooting at it. It was so good.

   With the help of Hawley and Jenny, (how awkward Hawley was when he was in the same room as the Mills’ sisters ?) Ichabod and Abbie tried to find a cure for Joe, because he could only turn 4 times, the fourth time would be the last and also to keep War away from the poison.
   Ichabod surprisingly teamed up with Hawley to find the cure while Abbie and Jenny kept Joe safe… Ichabod and Hawley together were hilarious. I really loved those scenes, they share a particular dynamic, it’s so good to see Ichabod interact with others than Abbie. I loved their masculine competition to win and be right all the time. It’s fun.
   Abbie and Jenny were attacked by Henry and his gunned guards. There was nothing she could do, so Joe played the good soldier and gave War the poison and went away with him, believing he would cure him and saving Abbie and Jenny (even though they were never really in danger, War could kill them at any time if he wanted.). As expected, Henry didn’t save Je but actually made him turn for the last time. You’re so bad Henry Parrish, Horseman of War.

   I was sad Joe turned again, I really thought it was the end of him. Ichabod and Hawley arrived a little too late with the cure but Abbie insisted on trying to cure Joe before destroying him. She wouldn’t just killing him because he as a monster, not until she tried everything to save him. Ichabod and she ambushed the Wendigo so they could perform the spell. It didn’t work (I was getting pissed, I really wanted Joe to make it) at first and then Joe turned back to his normal state. I’m so glad he survived it, I must say I wouldn’t mind Zach Appelman coming back to Sleepy Hollow from time to time, especially if he keeps being naked or half naked in most of his scenes. He was a great addition, and he has a special bond with Abbie which could be very interesting.

   Captain Irvin finally came back this week in “And the Abyss Gazes Back”, and after attacking the man responsible for his daughter’s condition, the drunk driver who hit her and put her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life, he realized War’s plan was working on him. He was about to become a monster himself trying to stop another. But he stopped and called up Abbie to tell her the truth. Henry has taken Irvin’ soul. I have no idea how Ichabod and Abbie can do anything about that.
   And, I’m guessing next week they will be busy because War didn’t stop, he used the poison to turn it into a spider (in the same episode Ichabod mentioned Peter Parker, coincidence ? weird). Poor Katerina ate the spider during her sleep. That was disgusting, I'll sleep my mouth covered for now. Katerina woke up in much pain… Is Henry trying to kill his mother ? Bad, bad son...
   Especially when your father just came to a shocking and surprising conclusion. Seeing Abbie's faith in Joe that led to his saving made Ichabod realized there might still have hope for his son. Jeremy can be brought back, or at least Ichabod will try to do so. That was actually the main purpose of the Wendigo' storyline.
   I don’t really believe saving Henry possible, He is too evil and even if Ichabod and Katerina are his parents, he never knew them, he never has created a connection with them and it’s a bit too late now. He only hates them but maybe with Katerina's witchcraft they can create that missing connection between them and save Henry from War... I'd love to see John Noble as Jeremy, fragile and happy to find back his parents. (I've rewatched again this weekend Fringe's series finale, John Noble made me cry again)

    “And the Abyss Gazes Back” was an excellent episode, not a filler at all. The Wendigo’ storyline served only one purposed, but still it was much enjoyable to watch, Joe’s introduction and the callback to Sherriff Corbin was great. I still miss Clancy Brown so much….
   For once, it was Abbie and her past to be the center of the episode, but now I’m at little afraid for Irvin, Abbie cares so much for him and after the vision he had, I hope he won't become the next Horseman.

   What did you think of “And the Abyss Gazes Back” ? Did you loved it or was it just okay ? Hit the comments !

Witnesses notes: 
• Which scenes was more hilarious ? Ichabod with Abbie doing yoga, “the man with a raccoon on his head” discussion or Ichabod online gaming ?
• So back at the Civil War, PTSD was called Nostalgia. It was a nicer word back then.
• I loved it that human blood was the trigger to turn into a Wendigo.
• Joe Corbin is heading to Quantico, where Abbie should be if she hadn’t met Ichabod. She would have made a terrific agent. But she’s even more better as a Witness.
• I loved it when Joe turned into the Wendigo, for once it felt kind of realistic. Usually werewolves’ transformation are pretty lame. But the best part was definitely when Joe turned back naked.
• Still no Reyes. Where is she ? I’m sure she’s up to no good.
• Abbie is surronded by hot men, it must be so hard to be a Witness around Ichabod, Hawley and shirtless Joe.
• Very little of Katerina and Jenny... That's the price to pay with all the new characters this season.

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