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Revenge - Meteor - Review:"Third in line"

What happens when a meteor crashes right in front of you? When your world crashes before your eyes? When everything you thought you knew, the foundation on which your life was built, crumbles? How do you get over that? Everything was so carefully planned, so perfectly analysed, so flawlessly trained for, yet she managed to miss the most critical part, that she wasn’t avenging a dead man. After everything, everything she’s been through for him, it’s finally in “Meteor” that Emily finds out her father is still alive, that she’s finally getting those five more minutes, that last kiss goodnight. But not right away, no, not right now, because Victoria got to him first. And it’s probably going to be a strenuous road back to him, but hopefully not a too long one.

Emily, in her typical, ‘I’ll handle this myself way’, wants to brush the break-in, or aggravated assault as some might say, off, but not because she wants blood, not because she’ll actually handle it, but because she’s afraid of putting her little sis in trouble, and I sincerely yearn for the day she’s going to snap out of it. This is one of the reason’s I find her character her so compelling, the whole anti-hero bit, the good versus bad combat. She cares, but she needs to realise Charlotte’s too far gone. She’s her mother’s daughter, her mother’s minion and there’s nothing left to do. It’s time, like Nolan’s so adamant on making her understand, for Charlotte to be accountable for her actions, for everyone to be.

“So she gets another spin on the murder wheel, how many?” -Nolan

It’s in a totally big brother kind of way, that Nolan does the opposite of what Emily wants, and calls the cops, or Jack and his friend in that case. He usually listens, does as he’s told, but not when Emily’s safety is on the line, not after being so scared of losing her the last time.

The guy in the sweatshirt , the guy with a knife, the man that tried to kill her, the man that wanted blood, her blood, is none other the infamous David Clarke, none other than the father she thought was dead. He didn’t recognise her, but he felt something, which is better than nothing. Something other than Nolan shooting a gun at him made him stop, and that’s a good sign. Called into the police station, Emily gets to pull him out of the line-up, and she knows it was him, knows he’s the one that broke into her place, and she needs answers. She can’t wait one more day and so can’t I. God, I can hardly wait one more week, don’t let them stretch this out.

“If you come out now, they’ll expect an explanation to where you’ve been. Do you have one?” - Victoria

Yes, please. I want one, and not the half-assed one we got in “Meteor”, I want the real one. I’m on the fence about what really happened, not too sure if I’ve understood it correctly. Here’s what I’ve got, Conrad was killed 6 months ago, Revenge time. It was at that moment that David Clarke escaped the hole Conrad had kept him in for the better part of a decade. The white haired man probably had a part to play in that saga, faking his death in prison and taking him to Conrad. In real revenge time, David auto-whipped himself, to make his escape look more recent, therefore giving him an alibi for Conrad’s murder. Is this the real story? Or just the story he told Victoria and the rest of the world? And if it is, they need to explain it better, because right now, I’m not feeling it. How did he escape? Who helped him? The prison officer? And mostly, am I stupid for thinking this is the real story?

Maybe I am, but I guess I’ve just kind of lost hope in David having a bigger plan, because every episode I do and every time I find myself sitting in front of my TV angry and disappointed. “Meteor” was finally the episode where I was rooting for David Clarke, cheering on his dead, empty eyes, his sudden mistrust for Victoria, and his hard-core whipping. I thought he had finally seen through her bullsh*t, he was finally seeing the light. There were so many moments where I thought, this is finally it, he’s turning on Victoria, but he didn’t. I was sure that he was going to pin, his captivity on Victoria. It would have been the perfect opportunity, sadly he didn’t.

At least, I’m finally beginning to see the family resemblance; all he was missing was a red sharpie. He concocted a pretty good plan to get out of hiding (Although, seriously, how many convenience stores have not one, but two police officers just standing there, waiting). I could totally see Emily spin a plan like this one, although hers would have had a much more satisfying finale. I just want to see Victoria cry, I’m cruel like this. I hate seeing Victoria win and she’s been having a lot of them lately. I hope at least the conclusion of this episode will push Emily back into revenge, into bad*ss death-stare mode, to the darker side of things,because that stare at Victoria was G-O-L-D, (I really love Emily VanCamp!) and that's what's been missing. Nolan's here, isn’t bad either.

Back in ‘I don’t really care’ land of Revenge, Louise is developing a really psychotic obsession with mommy Victoria. That’s all I have nothing left so say except, snooze-fest, I would have fast forwarded all these scenes. I don’t like how this is headed, maybe we need another bomb. Except if, and I’m theorizing here (or wishing really hard this will happen), Louise kills Charlotte because she takes too much place in Victoria’s life or some other demented reason, then maybe I’d be okay with her. But hey, I’m just spit balling here. Other than that, Daniel is once again rich, and Charlotte's still throwing herself a pity party. *Yawn*


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