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Resurrection - Multiple - Review: "Dust To Dust"

The third episode of the season for Resurrection, Multiple, was the best one yet. The series is slowly getting better each week with the overall mystery unravelling bit by bit. Similar to most shows, Resurrection episodes produces more questions each week than it answers, but as long as each chapter is satisfying enough then most fans don't have an issue with waiting for reveals.

The main story this week involves Marty and the government woman he works for now. He is having a difficult time adjusting to life as a returned and rightfully so. I have read stories about twins having difficulty moving on after witnessing the death of their sibling look-alike. I suppose it would make sense because it would be like witnessing your own death first hand. The series is definitely getting better at story telling in this mystery packed second season. One element of the episode I especially enjoyed was Marty making breakfast and the symbolism in the eggs. If you watch again Marty is frying up two sunny side up eggs. If you look closely, one egg was broken signifying the deceased Marty, while one egg is whole, symbolizing the resurrected Marty. I love when writers add little elements like this into their programs.

As Marty slowly attempts to deal with his dilemma he also must carefully balance his personal life. He needed to see his deceased body so bad that he was willing to betray his relationship with Maggie. I hope giving up the 'resurrected' bones that Maggie recovered from the river will not come back to bite him. I really like their relationship and thought it was horrible choice he made to go behind her back in that fashion. I am certain it is inevitable she will find out, so let's hope she is understanding about his motives.

This episode was also exceptional as we get to see some of the lives of the 'returned' around town. Deputy Carl's storyline is definitely interesting especially after making the claim last week about being tired to Marty. I wondered why he made such a remark and this week we find out exactly why. His older brother has 'returned' and it's clear right away that it devastates Carl to no end the amount of verbal (and a little) physical abuse he must endure. I still wondered why Carl was losing sleep until the very end of the episode when it is revealed that Carl had killed his older brother. My theory is that Carl has killed his older brother more than once. If you notice, last week Carl also stated to Marty that he was tired, implying that he was up all night burying his brother's dead body. Some of you might be thinking, "Then why does his brother not remember like the other 'returned'?". The reason, I believe, is because his brother was so drunk at the moment of his death. If you recall, Marty remembered he was a returned, but not until he did some investigating. Most 'returned' have no clue that they died and in what capacity.

Overall, I thought it was a great episode. I enjoyed the fact they spread out the stories to include some other people in Arcadia such as Carl and his bullying older brother. Sheriff Fred's story line investigating the bones in the factory looks to be the overall mystery for the season. Why the bones were in the factory in the first place are a big mystery I am looking forward to seeing revealed. It will also be nice to know how and why Margaret (the Grandma) is involved in it all. I suppose the biggest mystery will be about how have there been 'returned' since the 30's and if that has anything to do with the current story line. One thing for sure is that it has me hooked with each week's reveal and expanding mystery.

Thoughts and Discussion

- One thing I noticed about last week's episode concerned Arthur, the 'returned' that 'disappeared' along with his blood from Maggie's clinic. I thought about the similarities to Caleb and came up with this - Caleb disappeared immediately after his daughter said she didn't want anything to do with him, leaving no on to 'claim' him. Right before Arthur disappeared, Marty was speaking with the mysterious government woman about the fact that there was no on to claim him and that he had no where to go. It was after this that Arthur disappeared. Maybe there is a connection between someone wanting you to be 'returned' and disappearing?

- Did you notice...There was symbolism in the eggs that Marty was frying up for breakfast. If you watch the scene again Marty is frying up two sunny side up eggs. If you look closely, one egg was broken signifying the deceased Marty, while one egg is whole, symbolizing the resurrected Marty.

- Did you notice...The flashback that Fred has, of the day Barbara and Jacob passed away, shows a young Barbara (well, her legs anyway) deceased on the side of the river missing a shoe on her right foot. It is her right foot that she steps on the skull with after getting baptized. She is seen later getting her right foot wrapped in a bandage.

- Grandma Langston was not as creepy this episode as usual, but something still tells me she has nefarious goals and motives. What do yo think she is up to?

- Does Fred have any idea about the bone he found at the factory or was he too young to know anything about that? How could Grandma Langston be so careless as to leave a bone, however small, behind?

- Did you notice...'Resurrected Red' is back - I have mentioned before that a unique trait among the 'returned' is the fact that they all wear some variation of the color red. Grandma Langston was wearing a red shirt when she first appeared a few episodes ago and Carl's older brother was wearing a red colored shirt in this past episode.

Thank you for checking out my Review everyone! I hope you enjoyed the episode! Please comment below so we can discuss the episode and series together. Have a great weekend!

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