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Resurrection - Echoes - Review: "We Are Different"

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This season of Resurrection promises to have more twists and turns than the previous and they have definitely delivering. Season one had many mysteries to contemplate and theories to ponder as to why the dead have 'returned' to Arcadia, but Season two has put all that into overdrive with only two episodes in. Now that more people have come back there are more pieces of the puzzle to sift through and connect, and one interesting piece must be Grandma Langston.

This episode continues after the events of last week's with Agent Bellamy returning to Arcadia in a different role, one some would label as spy. He is to report back to his mysterious boss regarding the 'returned' and, especially, any that are not claimed by family or friends. He understands he is a 'returned' himself and the season looks to explore that new found fact. I'm glad he decided to tell Maggie about this instead of keeping her in the dark only to have it blow up in his face when she found out by some other avenue.

The big mystery this week revolves around the secretive and puzzling actions of Grandma Margaret Langston. There is something about her that seems very strange as I have mentioned before. There are definite parallels we can draw between her and, last season's big-bad, Caleb. Both were cremated, as was mentioned this episode. Caleb sought out a hideout form authorities, and shelter, in the Langston Family Factory; A factory that is near and dear to Grandma Margaret's heart. Just as last season we all thought the town's river held special properties in regard to the 'returned', I think it is important to remember that the Factory sits very close to it. It is also important to note that both Caleb and Margaret have similar emotions; both suffer from bouts of anger and both appear very creepy in each of their scenes.

Last season Caleb disappeared into thin air in his jail cell with Marty standing near. Along with his physical body disappearing, his blood samples from Maggie's clinic also vanished. We can connect those occurrences to what we see Margaret Langston do in 'Echoes'. When Mr. Holmes is brought in by Agent Bellamy, Margaret looks at him like she has known him or seen him before. Perhaps she has, but in what capacity? It's possible she has seen him when she was a little girl and he was at the factory, but maybe it's possible he knows something about those bones she unearths at the end of the episode. Let's not forget that she visits Mr. Holmes immediately before he vanishes, along with his blood samples, into thin air. Did she have something to do with it? The safe bet is she knows more than she is letting on. And she is definitely not getting any less creepy. I would love to know all of your thoughts on this.

'Echoes', the second episode of season two, aired Sunday night and brought with it many more questions for what is going on in this strange little town and little in the way of answers. The continued presence of Michelle Fairley's character, Margaret Langston, is such an added bonus to this already terrific series. The writing has undergone a profound upgrade from last season, which is exactly what the show required. I am really enjoying the new mysteries, but I hope that we get some answers by the time the 13 episodes from this season airs.

Thoughts and Discussion

- Does anyone think Caleb will return this season? If so, Do you think he has any relation to Margaret? I don't think it's a coincidence that it was mentioned that they both were cremated.

- What was with the bones that Margaret dug up in the factory? Do they have anything to do with the 'returned'?

- I thought it was a great story arc for the young Jacob to explore death and ask the questions he was asking. It took me a minute to understand what he was doing with that bird; he was trying to see if it would resurrect like him.

- Does anyone else think there is a connection between Rachael's dream of fire and smoke and Mr. Holmes similar dream?

- I know I have said this a few times, but I do not trust Grandma Margaret Langston. Something tells me she can 'sense' other 'returned' just like Jacob can. Remember when she tells Jacob something along the lines of, 'We are different', while they are on the porch. It made me think of how Caleb used to talk last season.

Thank you for checking out my Review! It may be a little too early in the season, especially for a show like this with such a large and mysterious central arc, to formulate concrete theories, but it is enjoyable nonetheless. Have a great weekend everyone! I hope you all enjoy episode three on Sunday night.

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