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Once Upon a Time - Episode 4.02 - White Out - Josh Dallas Interview

Thanks to StephonJS for the heads up.

What is happening in Storybrooke's present day that sets the scene for this flashback?
Josh Dallas:
The [snow] monster is now gone, and now, Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) has taken over leadership as mayor so she's got a lot going on there. Elsa (Georgina Haig) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) are going to be spending a lot of time together, and Emma startles Elsa, and Elsa ends up putting them in this ice cave, and she can't get them out. So David uses what he's learned from the past from her sister Anna to try to talk her down and try to get them out of that ice cave and help save Emma's life. Just another day in Storybrooke!

In the past, how does David encounter Anna? What is that interaction like?
I think it's friendly, and it's also, "Who is this girl?" I think he figures it out very quickly because he has another connection to someone else in Arendelle that we will find out about as well.

The episode description says that Bo Peep (Robin Weigert) is a warlord?! What can you say about this version of Bo Peep?
It is a brutal warlord. She shows no mercy over David and his family and his small farm. David is, at this point, still a young man. Because the circumstances of his life, we'll learn in this episode that he's been conditioned to run from things. Running is easier than tackling whatever the problem is. Anna really teaches him to face life and stop running from things. His instinct with Bo Peep is to run from her, and she's a brutal warlord who's actually just a bully that he needs to face up to. So Anna really shows him the way.

According to the nursery rhyme, Bo Peep wants her sheep, and we know that David is a shepherd...
Well, she wants everything. She owns everything: She owns land, she owns rights, she owns you. In a sense, everyone who lives on her land becomes her sheep, her slaves. He wants to break away from her tyranny.

Beyond the figurative sheep, is it literal too? Are there sheep present?
Oh there are many sheep, yes. In fact, there should be a whole scene of me feeding sheep.

What is the importance of this episode?
It pushes things forward back in Storybrooke. David uses what Anna instilled him in his whole life to help out Elsa, who then hopefully helps him out of that ice cave. It's all about believing in the people that you love and not giving up on them.

Does he make the connection between Anna and Elsa, or does he not know that they're sisters?
That becomes clear to him in Storybrooke for sure. Anna is such a great character because she's purely good. She sees something in him that is good that she can help. She does that without wanting anything in return.

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