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NCIS: New Orleans - Carrier - Review: "Better Than Ever"

NCIS: New Orleans, has really stepped it up a notch in this episode. These are the type of cases I like to see in these kind of procedural's, they keep things interesting. In this episode, the team is posed with investigating how the bubonic plague ventured itself into New Orleans. I especially loved the crossover events happening throughout the episode with Director Vance, Dinozzo and Abby all appearing at different parts of the episode.


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The episode starts off in a bar/club scene where someone is looking quite disorientated, he asks the bar tender for a glass of water, he then walks outside and onto the road. This is where the taxi got the better of him.

However, the NCIS team are simply treating this as an accident. Its not until Loretta finds some bacteria that is unknown that she links it to the Bubonic Plague, From this point forward, the adrenaline kicks in. The whole 'race against time' idea of finding the source of this plague was so fun to watch and I really enjoyed the whole aspect of it.

As I mentioned before, there were a number of crossover events in this episode, all from the original NCIS. Firstly the team were talking with Director Vance about the severity of the illness, and about the possibility of an outbreak. Since Director Vance oversee's the whole NCIS agency, it's only natural that he will appear on NCIS: New Orleans.

Also, a couple of other NCIS characters made appearances in this episode, with Tony Dinozzo assisting the New Orleans team on a biological disease. But who would have though Tony was scared of Rats? Another character that made an appearance this time was Abby through a video conference, she was assisting lab tech Sebastian, with identifying the bacteria found. These two actually worked quite well together.

I this episode we got a real look at how good this team really is, like when they are in the poker game. It was great to see LaSalle get some cues from Brody on what she was intending to do. It was also great to see Brody and LaSalle looking out for Pride, like when he was going to throw the doctor into the water, when LaSalle said his name in such a way that warned Pride not to do it.

We did get some development of the setting of New Orleans in this episode. Throughout the episode, Brody is reading up on what makes New Orleans unique, and I like the way the writers are going with this. Emphasizing the setting of New Orleans and what separates itself from the other two shows.

One thing I particularly enjoyed in this episode was the funny lines spread throughout the episode, you can see some of the quotes in the quote section below. But the writers are definitely going very well in this series, they are incorporating very funny/quirky lines, but not deviating too far from the episode's main plot. Very well done.

However there are was one thing that did confuse me a little bit in this episode, the fact that when there is a possibility of an outbreak of the Bubonic plague, nobody went out of control? Surely someone would get scared, or panic about whether the whole city of New Orleans could be affected by a Bubonic Plague outbreak.


Pride: "Damn Christopher. That was pretty. But if he's infected, we're going to have some sick gators on our hands."

Pride: "Why did the chicken cross the road, Loretta?"

LaSalle: "Are you gonna do this all day?"

DiNozzo: "Every time something like this happens, they call me in, they call me the plague whisperer"

Brody: "And you expect me to eat what you catch?"



Overall, I am enjoying this series very much, it is proving to be one of my favorite series this fall. I am hoping that it's episode order gets increased very soon! The episode definitely improved from last week's, it was a fast-paced episode, and the writers are developing the New Orleans aspect of the show. Despite the fact that nobody went out of control with the possibility of an outbreak, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and cannot wait to see what this series brings next week!

Rating: A-

Thanks for reading? What were your thoughts on the episode? Did you like the crossovers? Leave your comments down below! Be sure to catch my next review next week!

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