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Modern Family - Marco Polo - Review: "Five Dunphy's in One Room"

We were treated to another excellent dose of Modern Family this week, with the Dunphy's having to share a small hotel room together while the mold in their house was being removed, the curse of Mitchell in Cam's coaching of the football game, and Manny's first girlfriend.

Now as you could imagine, the Dunphy's sharing a hotel room together would not go down well. By far, this was the most interesting storyline of the episode. To add to the absolute chaos in the hotel room, there was a very sensitive pack of dogs in the next room (that later ended up in their house).

Claire had had enough of the chaos, and went and booked herself into a hotel room down the hall. But when Phil found out, well that backfired on Phil. The kids decided to go and stay with Claire instead of Phil. This left Phil to hang out in the 'hotel bar', and play Marco Polo with the Nigerian's.

Then you have Manny, this storyline was quite interesting. Gloria being Gloria always wants to know what Manny is up to and who he's hanging around, so she made Jay peak at who Manny came home with. Gloria was less than happy when she found out that Manny was kissing a senior (that drove a mustang).

One of the most funniest moments in this episode was when Jay was talking to Sam, some great lines from that conversation, that were absolutely hilarious! When it was revealed that Sam was just using Manny to get back at her ex-boyfriend, this was a moment I enjoyed, It really brought Manny and Jay together.

Finally, there is Mitchell and Cam, Cam is obsessed with his luck to win the football game, and unfortunately for Mitchell, that means him not attending the football game (and bringing his bad luck charm). It seemed that when Mitchell turned up to the game, the team went down majorly.

But this was all sorted when Mitchell got 'stuck on the fence' (literally), and Cam helped him down, and told him that he was not a jinx to his winning streak. But just to add to things, the team came over and tipped buckets of water on both Cam and Mitchell!

Overall, this episode was great, I found myself cracking up throughout the whole episode, but the Dunphy's always produce the best laughs. I especially loved the scene when they are all about to go to sleep and they wake the dogs, that scene was hilarious! Nether the less, the whole episode was great, and I can't wait to see what next episode brings!


"It's a body spray called Sex Grenade. One of the divorced dad's in the hotel recommended it."
- Luke.

"Well that's attractive. You look like a puppy with a slipper."
- Mitchell (to Cam).

"I wanna hear your point but right now this magic juice is gonna help mama turn that bathtub into a swim up bar."
- Claire.

"I'd have put my money on a sophomore with a mustache."
- Jay.

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That was a great episode of Modern Family! What are your thoughts! Be sure to leave them down below! Catch the next episode of Modern Family Wednesdays 9/8c on ABC!

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