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Modern Family - Do Not Push - Review: "The Hilarious Dunphy's"

Modern Family this week, was another great episode. The Dunphy's ventured out to check out Alex's new college, but somehow stumble upon a science experiment, Jay and Gloria celebrate their anniversary and Cam and Mitchell are having trouble getting Lily to smile. A great episode, lets dive right in!

The Dunphy's, my favorite family on the show always produce some hilarious moments on the show, this was no exception. Alex is visiting a local college, but Claire is excited for the fact that Alex may attend a local college. At first, Alex has no intention on attending this college, but a cute boy comes along and changes things for Alex. Throughout the episode, the two get to know each other, and maybe we'll see Alex in some romances this season? I sure hope so.

Whilst Alex is away flirting, Phil, Haley and Luke decide to go and participate in a science experiment -- bad idea. When the enter the 'waiting room', Phil being Phil, immediately thinks that this is the experiment. Just because there is a big red button, saying 'DO NOT PUSH', does not mean push it, does it? These three are as bad as each other (in a good way), all arguing over whether to push the button or not. Haley and Luke, talking about their problems, Haley living in their basement and Luke skipping school to work on his movie. They then decide to push the button 'all together'. The scientist then comes out with the 'real experiment'. They then realize that it was not the experiment, it was simply a questionnaire, this was very funny to watch. This was a great scene with these three, it was very well done.

Over at Jay and Gloria's, they are celebrating their wedding anniversary. Jay had put a lot of thought into his gift, creating a bunny sculpture in his pottery class. Gloria on the other hand, had bought Jay the watch he had been wanting for months. Jay was worried that Gloria would not understand the thought behind his gift. You got that right, Gloria smashes open the bunny to see if there was jewelry inside it, Jay immediately goes to the jewelry store to buy something for Gloria. In the end, the two of them get the real gifts they had been wanting, a brand new watch and a new bracelet.

Whilst over at Cam and Mitchell's, they were busy wondering why Lily had such a horrible smile (it really was bad!). They were taking a family portrait and were stunned to why Lily wasn't smiling like she normally does. Every time they took a new photo, an even worse smile came out. I honestly found this storyline quite boring and not funny at all. Cam and Mitchell's storylines this season haven't really been that great this season at all.

This episode definitely was at a lower standard than the premiere, the episode wasn't as comedic, but still funny, especially at the Dunphy's! I felt the episode was slightly more dramatic than comedic, it had more morals, such as Claire having to let Alex go and find her own way, and Mitchell letting Lily decide for herself what she wants to do. I hope Modern Family can improve in the next few episodes, because I miss the Modern Family that kept me laughing throughout the whole episode.


"Is it dinner or is my mouth too ugly to put food into?"
- Lily.

"When you first started dating him, what was his nickname for you?"
- Manny.
"Sexy pants."
- Gloria.

"Oh what? The mascot's a beaver, those jokes will get old."
- Claire.

"Okay you need to calm down. This college tour, not Oprah's favorite things."
- Alex.

What were your thoughts on the episode? Leave your thoughts down below! Catch my next review next week!

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