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Law and Order Special Victims Unit - Holden's Manifesto - Preview

You will be taking back to your childhood tonight, thinking about all of those kids that you made fun of or ignored. Growing up is tough, it's even harder for those kids that didn't fit in with the rest of the crowed. You know who I'm talking about, the quiet one sitting in the far left corner of the classroom or the real shy artist that is the younger sibling of the most popular guy in high school, that everyone thinks is crazy. People don't realize that these people not crazy or weird, they just want someone to pay attention to them and be their friend.

This episode is heart breaking because its about a young man that was ignored, picked on all through his childhood by girls. He made a video diary and started to go around assaulting these women that ignored him.

Holden seem to have come up with a pattern or a system of assaulting these women. Meaning the number of stab wounds will equal how old she was when Holden knew her. He would also would call them by their nicknames from their childhood or know something specific from their past.

It seems like Benson has to be in two places at once in this episode, with her baby at the hospital or at work. I will tell you this about the baby he will be alright but because of her work Benson is in hot water with Department of Family Services.

Guest Star: Peter Gallagher