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Hawaii Five-0 - Kanalu Hope Loa - Review : “Girls in Bikinis, Guns on Tour Buses”

As we saw last week, Danny’s in quite the pickle thanks to his brother Matt who laundered money from drug dealers, and Jerry just can’t help himself with conspiracies and saving the day. This week? Both the Danny mess and Jerry investigation continue, but we also see four women (yes, they’re criminals, but quite the badasses) commit a slew of crimes.

The episode opens with Danny and Steve trying to sort out the Marco Reyes complication. He’s demanding the $18.5 million Matt (anyone else still find it difficult to take Dane Cook as a serious criminal?) stole and insists Danny is in possession of. Steve tries to calm Danny down by proposing just maybe Marco is rattling his cage and he should do the same. Well, not only does Danny confront Marco, but he also punches him twice (see, Steve’s not the only tough guy). Of course, that doesn’t faze Marco, who demands the money within three days, or he’ll send Danny Matt’s head in a box.

At the end, Danny calls Steve from a quiet island, while staring at a shovel in his car trunk. Did anyone else get nervous and think Danny was burying a dead body? Yeah, I don’t think he’d ever do that, but Danny is a family man (which I admire) and will go above and beyond for his loved ones. Danny believes Marco and thinks he knows where the money is -- say what? Awhile back, Matt sent Danny a postcard with an image of a remote island, which Danny assumes is a treasure map for the $18.5 million. Well, he’s right and finds the huge bag of money (after digging up a bazillion holes on the island).

Despite the lack of Danny (and his bromance with Steve) throughout the episode, I love that Danny is getting a juicy storyline, especially one that flashes back to the first season. I’ve been wondering about his pesky brother, so it’ll be nice to hopefully get some closure.

Side note: Five-0 has some messed up families. From Steve’s mom and dad and Wo Fat to Chin’s constant sad life to Danny’s ex-wife and criminal brother, this show sure focuses on complicated family life. Then again, I guess that’s why I keep coming back for more -- well, that, and the gorgeous cast (and abs).

As for Jerry’s big counterfeit investigation, he once again asks for Steve’s help. Even though he tells Jerry he’s grabbing for something that’s not there, Steve reaches out to a Secret Service friend to investigate Thomas Farrow (the man Jerry thinks is printing money in his bookstore). Unfortunately, on Jerry’s part, Farrow comes up clean, but that isn’t stopping Jerry. He seeks help from Kamekona by having him sell a book to Farrow, which has a hidden listening device inside. I know Jerry wants to do the right thing and not compromise his integrity, but he better watch his back, because as we know Farrow is already onto him aka this is not going to end clean.

The rest of the episode focuses on three girls (one is Allie Gonino from ABC Family’s The Lying Game, and I enjoyed seeing her play a criminal, especially since she was so sweet as Laurel) sporting tiny bikinis, wigs, wedges and sunglasses robbing people on tour buses. All they want to do is ride waves and steal valuables as a living, but they get themselves in quite the mess after they shoot and kill one of the tour bus riders -- he was the head of an IT security firm. It just so happens another woman (in addition to the three criminals we already have), an ex-con, is after the victim's phone for bank codes so she can steal millions. Let’s just say these four females caused quite the ruckus on the island, but it was nice to see some hardcore and determined women taking front and center. Don’t worry, because in typical Five-0 fashion, the gang caught the villains and put them behind bars -- would we really expect anything less?

What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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