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Hart of Dixie - Season 4 - Wilson Bethel and Scott Porter Comment on Possible Cancellation

Thanks to Tracie for the heads up

"The reason we only shot 10 episodes is really because Rachel Bilson is going to have her first little baby, and there's no Hart of Dixie without the Hart," explains the actor. "We had an abbreviated season and this is not unusual for shows to do—if you look at Scandal just a couple of years ago—fewer episodes depending upon the schedule of when the baby is born. She really didn't want to have to come back to work right away—she wants to be very hands-on and be able to be there those first couple of months after the baby's born, so we just kind of shot what we could as quickly as we could and 10 episodes is what worked out for us."

"We aren't cancelled. We haven't gotten a phone call from anybody at the network. But, if this was the end, then I think we all wanted to just pay it its proper due," Porter insists. "It was a beautiful moment in time and we all wanted to make sure that people knew just how much this all meant to us."

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