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Grimm - Episode 4.01 - Thanks For the Memories - Advance Preview (Teasers)

Hi everyone! I'm a little late, but I had to work and I didn't find time to watch it. I'm sorry if you're gonna read something you've already known. Anyway, here's some spoilery teasers about the fourth season premiere of Grimm! "Thanks for fhe Memories" starts right after season three ended. After Rosalee and Monroe's wedding, Nick must deal with the fact that he's not a Grimm anymore.

- Someone is investigate on Renard's shooting, but it's not Nick and Hank.
- Of course, even in this premiere there's a murder case to investigate on. There's a new threat in town who steals the memories of his victims.
- I don't know if it's just me but the new threat is a reference in this episode to another old NBC's show.
-  Someone says: "I'm just really sorry that all those things happened in your wedding day."
- Trubel is always the sassy and tough ones and you'll see how she can handle an interrogation.
- Wu and Hank have an interesting conversation.
- After what happened with Adalind, as you may imagine, things between Nick and Juliette are a bit awkward. But nothing is lost.
- Nick is handling quite well not being a Grimm anymore.
- Guess where's Adalind right now.
- Renard's future won't be shown till the episode ends.

Hope you enjoyed those little teasers and I'm sorry if there are some mistakes in the text.
Grimm season four starts this Friday on NBC.