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Gracepoint - Episode 1.02 - Review: "Everyone is a Suspect"

Even those closest to you can't be trusted.

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In episode 2 of Gracepoint we are no closer to finding the truth , but many suspects have come to light and many clues that will help Carver and Miller find the killer are discovered.

Carver and Ellie's Relationship is still as rocky as ever , she doesn't understand his ways of thinking and can't understand why he doesn't care much. This is probably because of his haunting past , which seems to have caught up with him. A Rosemont case gets mentioned , which 3 children went missing and Carver was the lead detective on the case. Renee Clemens the journalist seems to think there is more to Carver than meets the eye , as she said he practically vanished after the case.

I think she is presuming that he murdered Danny and the other three children from the different case which is an amusing assumption , but I doubt that it will turn out true. Carver is hiding something himself , he is seen taking something in the bathroom after he gets dizzy and starts loosing his vision. I wonder what it could be perhaps medication for a heart condition? As in The Strain Setrakian starts to get dizzy right before he takes pills for his heart condition. So they both share similarities , anyway its just a thought.

We find out that Danny had £500 in cash strapped underneath his bed , what could this be for? could his killer have been paying him to keep quiet about something he knew / saw? We also find out that the sister Chloe had a tiny bag of cocaine in her room which she got from her boyfriend. The drugs were meant for Gemma Fisher supposedly. Beth also has a secret that she is hiding from the family she is pregnant , oh the timing. Beth hasn't told anyone , except the Reverend after she had a breakdown in the car park and he had a comforting chat with her. Speaking of the Reverend, he got a bit of a going over from an angry Mark after going on TV to talk about his son and the church's role in helping the town to recover. He also had a chat with the Nan who encouraged him to reach out to Beth and that she was glad he came back.
Where did he go? and Why did he come back. I am still none the wiser when it comes to the Reverend and his true involvement. Perhaps him and Beth were a "thing" and that's why they seem to have a strong bond.
Every member of the Solano family seems to be hiding something , the biggest secret of all is what we find out about Mark Solano. He wasn't on a job , he went to meet someone at around 10.30pm which we see him waiting near the cabin courtesy of the CCTV footage. Could this be an inside job and the killer is closer to home than we thought? He won't give the name of his "friend he met" after Carver goes to question him , he doesn't remember what he ate or where he was eating at. Beth was asleep when he came in , so he has no alibi. The only person in the Solano family who isn't hiding anything is the nan , so off yet. They do in the episode give Carver a list of suspects teachers , friends , neighbours. Could the Solano family be trying to direct attention away from them? We also find out that Danny kept a journal , in the journal he wrote "got to get out of here , cant take this anymore, what am I doing". Another line from the journal said "dad is going to kill me" what did Danny do that would just upset his dad?

Also , what comes to our attention is how the suspected murder location , which by the way is a small cabin near the cliffside has Danny's blood on the floor and a footprint of his shoe. What we didn't see coming was that there was a second set of prints and they were from none other than Mark Solano. He is looking guiltier by the minute , but perhaps that is what the producers want you to think so you don't notice everything else that is happening.
We know Danny's body was moved onto the beach and the murder location wasn't the actual clffside , so the cabin would make the most sense for a location. Also worthy of noting is that the place had been cleaned. The only person with a key to the cabin is none other than the chain smoking , suspicious looking Susan Wright (and the owner of course). Carver goes to pay her the visit to get the key just before they discover Mark and Danny's prints. What we find out , but Carver doesn't know is probably one of the biggest shockers on the show yet , Susan Wright has the skateboard, Danny's skateboard. Is it a coincidence she has it , maybe she found it outside her caravan? or maybe she killed Danny and cleaned the cabin out herself and then had a job for Mark to do in the cabin so his fingerprints would be everywhere. This would definitely diverge attention away from herself , but there is no connection between her and the Solano family so it makes it unlikely.
Probably not that important , but still worth mentioning is that we get informed by a cable guy , Mr Connelly that Danny's death has something to do with water. He claims to be getting psychic messages from Danny from beyond the grave. He is either a complete loony , or an evil murderer that is throwing the cops off his scent by being so deliberately peculiar. He did say something about a pendant though , and how "she forgives you" (talking about Carver here)which seemed to have affected Carver as you could tell by his rage afterwards "GET HIS PRINTS NOW". Could Mr Connelly be telling the truth and is a psychic or is a complete fruit loop that really is the killer?

Episode 2 Prime Suspect.

Mark Solano.
Mark Solano lied about being out on a job , his car was on the CCTV footage near the cabin , by the looks of things he was meeting someone. A convenient power outage from 10.38 to 2am shows no footage so we don't see who he met. Fingerprints were found in the cabin where Danny's blood was found , they belonged to MARK SOLANO. He hasn't got an alibi the night of Danny's death, Danny said in his journal that his dad is going to kill him. He obviously was slightly afraid of his dad , and we find out that Mark has a temper especially when he doesn't agree with something. (Reverend speaking on TV)

Gracepoint so far has been a delight to watch , it is intriguing and keeps me engaged and leaving me wanting to watch another episode straight away. We now have suspects , clues have been discovered and a possible murder location. The show is diving deeper into the mystery surrounding Danny's death and I can't wait to find out more.

What did you think of the episode? At this moment in time who do you think did it? Are you buying into Mr Connlly's psychic antics? Do you think Mark is hiding in a lie? Let me know in the comments below!!

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As always , thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments what you thought of the episode!
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