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Chicago Fire - Leslie Shay Tribute

After the horrific events of the Season 3 premiere, we were forced to say goodbye to one of the of beloved characters on the show, Leslie Shay. Shay was a much loved character of the show, she was unique, and experienced a lot through both season 1 and two. Ever since the pilot, I fell in love with her character, she was so relaxed, living the dream. I have to admit I was quite emotional when she was killed off in the season 3 premiere, but she will always be remembered on Chicago Fire.


The Baby: After being re-united with her ex-girlfriend Clara, Shay decides to have a baby. I think this was to have something in her life that meant something. Shay needs a sperm donor, and she turns to none other than Kelly Severide. Kelly was hesitant at first, he had to know that she wasn't making a stupid mistake. Shay really wants this, and Severide see's this, he agrees to be a sperm donor for Shay's baby. This moment in Chicago Fire, really brought Shay and Severide closer together as friends, I really liked the friendship between these two. Even though the baby didn't end up working out with Shay, I really liked the fact that Kelly was willing to give it a go. These two were really great friends.

Shay's Arrival: In the season 3 premiere, after we witnessed Shay's death, we get a flashback to when Shay first arrived at Firehouse 51. This was really interesting to see, because it gave us some insight into the first time Kelly and Shay met, Originally, Kelly was checking Shay out, which she quickly shot down with a classy quote, "Put it back in your pants, Lieutenant. Do you have a vagina? I’m gay". You can definitely see how these guys became friends from day one, they just got on so well. And you can definitely see, why Kelly was so affected by her passing. I'm sure it will take a long time for those wounds to heal. Severide will never have a best friend as good as Shay.

The Contract: Again, in the season 3 premiere we got to learn a lot about Shay. We learnt that Shay and Kelly created a contract, that they would always refer back to if they had to. These flashbacks "...Never get in each other’s business. We promise to be there for each other always. Always.". It just summed up the whole episode about Shay in one quote. It was incredible. Fast forward to the present, where Kelly is viewing the contract, and we all realize with Severide that Shay is never coming back. The season 3 premiere definitely did a great job of remembering Shay, but more importantly telling us more about her story. I am hoping that we can see more of Shay (through flashbacks) in the episodes to come.

The Suicide: A really memorable moment of Shay is the way the suicide of a patient really affected her. Dawson and Shay were attending a call, when the patient pulls a gun, Shay was urging him to put the gun down, but he shoots himself right in front of Shay. This affected Shay incredibly, and Dawson blaming it on her certainly didn't help. But Shay went off the rails for a bit, started going back to her old tricks. This started to worry Kelly and Dawson, But it was ultimately Dawson that managed to turn her around. This storyline was incredibly well done in my opinion, it really shaped Shay into the character we knew.

The Injury: In the Chicago Fire/Chicago PD crossover event (2.20 and 1.12), Shay had battled an injury sustained earlier in the episode. When this finally got the better of her at the end of the Chicago Fire episode, everyone came to her rescue. including her one and only best friend, Kelly Severide. This was a great moment for Shayveride, it really showed again, how great of friends they were. They were always there for each other, that's what was so amazing about this friendship. But this moment also showed how strong Shay was, she battled through all the pain, to do what she does best, save people. I have to admit, Shay was incredible at her job.

Shay and Dawson: We all know and love Shayveride, but another unique and every special relationship was with Shay and Dawson. You can definitely see that these two looked out for each other, regardless the circumstances. Shay and Dawson were partners on Ambulance 61 for the majority of the time she was on the show, and they were so awesome together! They had a unique friendship, had each others back and ultimately respected each other. In the season 3 premiere, Dawson broke down because she switched places with Shay, Dawson says "It should have been me!". Dawson lost a really good friend that day as well, one that can never be replaced.

Some More Great Moments:

- Shay looks onto Severide as he enters his surgery,
- Shay and Severide go to the Department function together.
- Shay and Severide learn they are godparents.

Shay was a truly incredible character, she was loved by all of the fans. It was sad to see her go, she had a lot of great friendships with a lot of the characters on the show. Chicago Fire definitely has something missing without Shay in it.

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Thanks for reading! What are your favorite Shay moments? Will you miss Shay on Chicago Fire? Leave your thoughts down below! Catch Chicago Fire Tuesdays 10/9c on NBC!

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