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Blue Bloods - Forgive and Forget - Review: "Doing The Right Thing"

Last week's episode of Blue Bloods was a blast from the past as we were reunited with a storyline from last season. Last season an officer strangled and killed a suspect whilst in police custody, that episode revolved around whether a cop should be there for his/her partner even though he was in the wrong. Well in this episode, that same partner is re-assigned back to the same precinct, which Eddie and her fellow officers are not very happy about. Also in the episode, Frank has to sort out an issue where a cop shoots another cop (always a tough one!), and Erin and Danny work out whether to prosecute someone for the death of a little girl some years ago.

Starting with Jamie's storyline, Kara Walsh is back in town (in his precinct), and after the events of last season when Frank convinced her to testify against her partner, she is not very popular amongst the other officers. Even though the officer was fired by Frank (the Grand Jury decided not to indict), Kara has no one in the force to look to. Because of this, Kara has no partner, all the officers are refusing to ride with a "traitor", but Jamie being Jamie signs himself up to be her partner.

Eddie is not to happy about this but moves forward with it. Kara and Jamie are called to a 10-31 burglary, once they are inside they are shot at repeatedly with automatic weapons. Kara called for backup on her radio, but the only officers to respond were Eddie and her temporary partner. Kara ended up taking a bullet for Eddie, which in the words of Jamie, made her "twice the cop they'll ever be".

Jamie ended up confronting an officer down at the precinct, the officer was the closest unit at the time and could have responded to the 10-13 request for assistance. The officer claimed that they had 'engine trouble', but we all know that they failed to respond because they did not want to help Kara. Jamie unfortunately was stuck in the middle of this, but I commend Jamie for sticking up for Kara when nobody else would. Because after all, he is from a family of cops.

Up at the commissioners office, Frank is sorting out an incident involving one of his friends shooting a fellow cop in the leg. We all know this doesn't look good on the NYPD, but Frank always sorts things out for the best, and this was no exception. Frank made a good point about drinking on the job towards his friend, but ultimately it came down to two cops in the wrong. Frank's friend was placed on retirement only four months shy of full pension. This storyline wasn't that interesting in all honesty, I think it was because the majority of the storyline took place off camera, but nether the less I always enjoy seeing Frank sort out matters.

On the other side of the family, Danny and Erin are fighting just like brothers and sisters do. But this time it involves whether or not they should prosecute a suspect from a previous murder case. The case involved Marcus Greene went to Danny asking him to prosecute the shooter from the original murder. He went to Erin, but once Erin had questioned Damon (the shooter), her boss had told her that it was not worth digging up the past for someone who has changed and rehabilitated. Damon had got out of Juvenal and changed his life, started up a community group with praises from the NYPD gang unit.

But this wasn't what Danny wanted to hear, he had promised Greene to bring down the shooter, and he had failed. But I don't think it warranted going off on Erin for not prosecuting him, he had changed. At the end of the episode, Danny takes Erin to a crime scene where Marcus had been arrested for shooting Damon. But Erin had convinced Damon not to make a statement about the shooter, which allowed Marcus a second chance just like Daemon.

Overall, this episode was another great one for Blue Bloods. I especially loved how Jamie stuck up for a fellow cop, regardless of the consequences. However, with Danny I think he went a bit over the top with going off at Erin for not prosecuting his shooter, it was hardly her fault. And finally, with Frank I always enjoy watching how Frank sorts these issues out, but this one wasn't that interesting.


"You've got a badge in your pocket and a gun in your holster you damn sure better not have a drink in your hand."
- Frank Reagan.

"Yeah, I have a thing for a fellow cop who's getting a raw deal."
- Jamie Reagan.

"It's always personal for him. That doesn't give him the right to use me as a punching bag every time he doesn't get his way."
- Erin Reagan.

"Please tell me you're not making your infamous veggie lasagna again."
- Danny Reagan.

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