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Blue Bloods - Burning Bridges - Review: "Treat Everyone As Equals"

The Reagan's were back at it again on last week's episode of Blue Bloods, with several interesting storylines involving the whole family. Fan favorite Frank was battling the church, whilst Jamie battled with an old rival, and Danny was left to sort out a somewhat 'sticky' situation. There's a lot to talk about so let's dive right in!

First let's talk about Jamie, in this episode we learn about an old rival from back in the academy, Jamie had just arrested a suspect, when Detective Hoffman stole his collar. Now we all know that Jamie is from a family of cops, and people don't steal collars. Jamie confronted the situation, but when that didn't work he resorted to other methods (as any real cop would do).

He wanted to get back at Detective Hoffman, Jamie being Jamie went to Erin wanting the search warrant that Detective Hoffman had organised. Jamie got back at Detective Hoffman by claiming 'his' collar as well, but he wasn't the jackass that Hoffman was, he gave the collar back to Hoffman. Who looked like the bigger man then? Good one Jamie.

Onto Danny, and he is facing to untangle the mess when a gay detective is outed. The detective's partner refuses to work with a gay cop. The sergeant then assigns Danny and Baez new partners to try and sort out this disagreement between these two cops.

But when Danny finds out who really killed him, this just bleeds hate. It was really the NJ police chief's son that killed him with a baseball bat just because he was gay. This added to the fact that his family didn't want to know him, this was just sad. This storyline really showed the society that we live in, and that treating everyone as equals is easier said than done.

Danny's storyline tied in nicely with Frank's problem, as he created a problem with the church on his view on homosexuality. Frank really got into a pickle when he said that the church was a little old fashioned when it came to peoples sexuality, and this really had to happen when he was trying to ask the church for a favor

Frank eventually was forced to apologize, which was bad news for the favor he was wanting. But as it turns out the favor he wanting it for, was actually homosexual as well. I think Frank was just trying to express the fact that we should treat everyone as equals, and that maybe the church is a little bit behind on the times on this one.

Overall, this was a great episode of Blue Bloods, I loved the fact that Jamie used a great tactic to get back at Detective Hoffman without having to play dirty. But this episode was all about how cops react to homosexuality, everyone has different opinions on it, but everyone should have the right to be treated as equals, and Frank stood up for this which I respect incredibly.


"We are officers of the NYPD. I have here a warrant to search these premises for stolen goods. The search was hugely successful."
- Jamie Reagan.

"Anyone who steps into a fight involving two mooks with baseball bats can't be a cissy in my book."
- Henry Reagan.

"If it's tough to ignore the elephant in the room it's going to be really tough to ignore the elephant in the car."
- Detective Baez.

"What my men and women do in private is their own business."
- Frank Reagn.

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