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American Horror Story Freak Show - Massacres and Matinees - Review "Bad Girl" 

   After an excellent season premiere, which introduced us to the wonderful land of Freaks, American Horror Story Freak Show offered us a splendid second episode. The premiere was more focused on Elsa, Bette and Dot and Jimmy’s introductions, it was a great move from Murphy not to throw the whole cast in the first episode. The cast is huge, and amazing, so it’s very appreciable to discover each characters and their backstories.
   This week episode, titled “Massacres and Matinees” was focused on the introduction of Angela Bassett and Mickael Chiklis’s characters : Desiree and Dell. They are great add to the show, especially Desire. I’m not a big fan of Dell for now, but it's clearly on purpose. How can anyone like this asshole ? I’ll get on that later.
   We also continued to learn more about the freaks, mostly Bette and Dot. I must say I find the relationships between Elsa/Bette/Dot and Jimmy quite interesting and I can’t wait for more developments. There are so many feelings between each of them, we can really expect anything to happen.
   And finally, in “Massacres and Matinees” Gloria Mott found the perfect gift for her deranged son : a deranged clown, Twisty ! It was really scary, but they form a terrific duo.

Angela Bassett was absolutely divine in "Massacres and Matinees", she was the highlight of the episode. I'm very fond of Desiree, she has such a great attitude and she's so funny. I have the feeling she is going to be one of my favorite character of AHS. (Constance is still n°1 of course). Her line about the ping pong girl and her own presentation were hilarious.
   I can't say I have the same excitement for her husband. Michael Chiklis is great, he's perfect as Dell but Dell is a bad man, a killer with a quick temper and an extraordinary strength. Elsa thought he could be useful, but she found realized he'd be more a pain in the ass. Clearly, he is a macho and he has problems with strong women, such as Elsa, and also Ethel.
   Ethel revealed Dell was actually Jimmy's father, but he never cared for the boy and tried to kill him as a baby. Of course Jimmy is unaware of that information for the moment but he's already hating his father. Jimmy has one desire : he wants the people to know the freaks and to treat them equally. Dell is more rational and their different points of view came to a fight when Jimmy and his freaks friends wanted to grab some lunch and Dell told them to go out because they were frightening people (and also offering a free show). It was really sad to watch those people so disgusted by other people. Pepper was just so good, I wish she would have her meatloaf.
   Anyway, Jimmy played a dangerous with his father and he lost. I don't think he would have ever imagined the consequences. Evan Peters was so great in that episode, it feels so good to finally watch him act again in AHS, because in Coven he did pretty much nothing, he didn't even talk ! During the whole episode, Peters was at his best, Jimmy is really a great character for him, maybe even better than Tate. I especially loved the scene when the police came back to the show, Jimmy was over confident, he was so sure the detective's badge was going to be found in his father's trailer. The look on Peters's face when Jimmy realized his father saw him coming and put the badge in Meep's trailer instead. So poor little guy was arrested and sent to jail. It was heart breaking to watch him leave the show like that. Jessica Lange's line "I'm shocked. Shocked" was divine.
   Poor Meep was murdered and his body was given back to his family, the Freak Show. Peters was even better in that final scene, he gave me chills when Jimmy discovered Meep's body. He was totally innocent in everything and got killed because of Dell, and Jimmy. I can't wait to see how their relationship are going to develop, they will hate themselves very much that's for sure.
   But Dell isn't that bad, he even got a great idea about doing the show in the matinee. The curfew forbade the freaks to perform at night, so they did it during the day. I must admit it was a great idea, Elsa was reluctant at first, and Desiree had to calm her man but he went with his idea anyway (which pissed off even more Jimmy) but thanks to him we got to see Dot singing !

   Sarah Paulson is doing one of her best job ever this year on American Horror Story. She portrays Bette and Dot with such perfection. I loved it when Dot protected her sister who was biting her nails while the police was talking with Elsa. Dot is calmer, more rational than her sister and she also has the greatest voice.
   Her performance was amazing, even the crowd came dancing in front of her. I loved that musical sequence, I really hope there will be more in the season, and why not a duet between Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson, that would be heaven on earth.
   Bette and Dot are both developing special relationships with different characters, despite of their constant proximity. Dot clearly has her eyes on Jimmy, she sang for him, he was the one who gave her a little push and revealed her talent. And there's something in Dot's eyes when she sees Jimmy. He must be the first man to see Dot for who she really is, despite sharing her body with her sister. He's freak too so he can understand and she can relate to him.
   As for Bette, Elsa has picked an interest in her, since she first met her at the hospital, more than in Dot's. And during the show, Elsa was the only one to look pissed and angry at Dot. Dot is stealing her show, she's younger and she's a headliner. Clearly, she is an obstacle in Elsa's dreams to be a star. So, when she came to talk to Bette at night while Dot was sleeping, I knew nothing good would come of it. Elsa is playing with Bette, because she's young and very naive, and she also has that dream to be a star. Elsa convinced her Dot is actually stealing her talent. I'm not sure where this is going, what Elsa can hope in doing that but the scene between Lange and Paulson was terrific. I can't wait for more scenes.

   And finally, the last part of the episode was focused on Gloria and Dandy meeting with Twisty. I was afraid a bit at first when I watched Gloria and Dandy. I really didn't know what to expect of their story, I feared they would be boring and out of place. Now, it's starting to make more sense and I'm loving their storyline.
   As always, Frances Conroy is beyond amazing, she's just perfect. She always has this ability to make her character real, she gives everything, with her voice, her attitude, her looks. There's nothing she can't do. Please, give her a bigger part next year !
   Gloria and Dandy's weird relationship intrigued me, I absolutely love their dynamic. I was mainly afraid at first Dandy would be a pain in the ass, a spoiled and shallow boy. But, when Gloria saw Twisty and brought him as a gift for Dandy, I wasn't afraid anymore but delighted. They're great together.
   Dandy admitted he felt like a freak, he even tried to join the show but Jimmy rejected him. Something in common with Twisty I guess, and the freaks might regret their decision later. Of course, he had nothing to do in the Freak Show, he's just a psychopath.
   At first Twisty rejected Dandy (I loved how he hit him, I feared for a second Dandy was already dead) but they quickly realized they're much alike. Dandy followed Twisty into the woods and brought back his girl who successfully ran away from his trailer. She hit Twisty in his face, revealing his awful face behind his mask. What the hell happened to his mouth ? It was so disgusting. I can still picture it when I close my eyes.
   Anyway, Dandy saved the day and now he can have fun with his new twisted friend on those poor innocents. Dandy is becoming Twisty's apprentice, I can't wait to see what's next for them. I just hope they won't kill Gloria, ever.

   "Massacres and Matinees" was another great introducing episode, it's nice to get to know each characters a bit more before the chaos comes to Jupiter. Because it's AHS, and that's why we love it, so we know there will be shocking deaths, terrifying secrets and more surprises and twists.
   Those two episodes were great at presenting the whole cast, I can't wait for Dennis O'Hare and Emma Roberts to show up next week ! Things will start to get worst for the freaks.
    What do you think of "Massacres and Matinees" ? Who do you like most Desiree or Dell ? Hit the comments !

Carnies notes :

• Who will tell Jimmy about his father ? I think it'll be Desiree.
Patti LaBelle was delightful, I really want to see more of her and her hilarious lines. I don't think she will stay long, I'm afraid Dandy will have fun with her....
• Twisty likes to cut head. When I saw it, I thought of Madame LaLaurie instantly.
• I will miss you Meep, too bad we never had the chance to get to know him better.

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