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Agents of SHIELD - Season 2 - Elizabeth Henstridge and Brett Dalton interviews

Do you think that Ward shot the dog?

I don’t think he did.

DALTON: I don’t think he did, either. The sequence was meant to be ambiguous. If Ward shot the dog, his chances at redemption are completely shot. I personally think that he did not shoot the dog and that he has that heart.

Brett, now that he’s in captivity, how is Ward still going to be a part of the show, going forward?

Ward is a wild card. He is in captivity, and when you’re there, all you have is yourself. You’re forced to sit there and think about what you’ve done. So, I think that the next step in Season 2 is going to be, who is Grant Ward? Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? Is he somewhere in between? Certainly, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on that. But, I don’t even know if Grant Ward knows the answer to that question. He’s capable of doing good and bad. He’s done good and bad. But, does that make him a good or bad guy? I’ve never even thought of him as a villain. I think he’s more of an anti-hero. He made some choices along the way. If I had a terrible childhood like that and somebody said, “Nobody will ever mess with you again, if you follow me. You have 10 seconds to decide.” Maybe I’d make that choice. I don’t know. But, that’s exactly what Ward did. And because of that, he is the man that he is today. You’ll have to see what happens.

: It’s interesting that you say that he’s not good or bad. Ward was putting his life on the line for a cause that he thought was worthy, and that’s what we do, as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. That’s something that’s going to be brought into question. It’s a great concept because as soon as you’re able to protect someone, you’re able to hurt somebody, at the same time. Those are the questions and conundrums that Coulson now has to deal with, being Director. He doesn’t get to be like, “Well, we’re not asking questions because it’s come from above.” He has to decide those ethical questions now.


After the big Fitz reveal in “Shadows,” there can’t be many fans left willing to advocate for “double agent” Grant Ward and his apparently remorseful ways. Except perhaps Ward portrayer himself, Mr. Brett Dalton.

“Fitz believed in me, he was one of the few guys who still believed in me,” Dalton conceded to The TV Junkies, admitting that doing harm to the last good guy on his side wasn’t the nicest thing to do. “But did I give him a chance at survival? Garrett (Bill Paxton) said put two in him. Point blank. Get rid of him. I couldn’t do it that way so I … I gave them a chance. And they survived.”


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