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The Strain - Episode 1.13 - The Master (Season Finale) - Promotional Photos

30 Sept 2014


  1. Looks like they confront The Master again! I wonder why they are interrogating Gus?

  2. maybe they have some idea what he was somehow involved in the whole thing... ( bringing the master there ) and want to find out what he knows about

  3. I almost started reading the book... but got a hold of myself... lol...
    I want to know whats gonna happen but then again I don't want to know

  4. You can't read books nowadays. Books are spoilers for movies/TV.

  5. Which is why some tend to veer away from the books to give it a fresher approach. But then you have the purists shouting "THAT NEVER HAPPENED!!!!"

  6. Hoodless Hoodie Vamp!! They still puzzle me. Anyway, that picture of the whole gang on a stage, and the pissed-off Nora one have me really excited for next Sunday!

  7. Quinlan looks pretty cool, even without his hood on, unlike The Master (who has grown on me a bit, I guess). Can't wait for Sunday!


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