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The SpoilerTV Daily News Roundup - Various Shows - 27th September 2014

Note: This is a new daily article in which we hope to cover all the news from around the net that we've not yet posted on the site.

Newly Released Episode Titles

Black-ish - 1.04 - Crazy Mom
Black-ish - 1.05 - Crime and Punishment
Bones - 10.07 - The Money Maker On the Merry-Go-Round
Cristela - 1.06 - Mr. Felix & Ms. Daniela
Cristela - 1.07 - Super Fan
HTGAWM - 1.04 - Let’s Get to Scooping
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - 10.05 - The Gang Goes on Family Fight
Manhattan Love Story - 1.10 - The Ex Factor
NCIS - 12.05 - The San Dominick
Resurrection - 2.04 - Old Scars
Resurrection - 2.05 - Will
Scandal - 4.04 - The Bleep
Scandal - 4.05 - An Innocent Man
Stalker - 1.04 - Phobia
Stalker - 1.05 - The Haunting
Stalker - 1.06 - Love Is a Battlefield
The Middle - 6.07 - Thanksgiving
Weird Loners - 1.02 - Weird Trippin'
Weird Loners - 1.03 - The Weirdfather

Remember: You can see known Episode Titles and Dates for all shows in the SpoilerTV Episode Database

Development and Casting News

'General Hospital' and 'Baby Daddy' to stage a crossover [LINK]
Kourtney Kang Sells Autobiographical Manny Comedy To ABC With Penalty [LINK]

Interviews and Articles

Scoop: The Avengers 3 is going to be a two part movie [LINK]


Backstrom - BTS Production Photo

UHQ Key Art/Posters - The Vampire Diaries

UHQ Key Art/Posters - American Horror Story

Z Nation - Episode 1.04 - Full Metal Zombie

The Goldbergs - Episode 2.03 - The Facts of Bleeping Life

Press Releases

Awkward - Episode 4.14 - Welcome to Hell

Jenna heads for a meltdown after receiving a rejection; "Hell Tent" takes revelations to a new level.


Girl Meets World - Episode 1.11 - Girl Meets World: of Terror

The kids face a trilogy of terror when Riley has a sleepover at Maya's with her Gammy Hart and pet ferret. Auggie confronts the monster under his bed, and Farkle tackles his most terrifying fear yet - playing softball.

Guest starring Charlotte Rae ("Facts of Life") as Gammy Hart and Michael D. Roberts as Coach Gleason

Girl Meets World - Episode 1.12 - Girl Meets the Forgotten

When the kids are assigned a special lesson on appreciation, Riley and Maya are forced to work in the school cafeteria while Lucas and Farkle are assigned janitorial duty.

Girl Meets World - Episode 1.13 - Girl Meets Flaws

A classmate teases Farkle for being different and not fitting in with the crowd. Hurt and confused, he stops going to class until Riley, Maya and Lucas rally him to show their classmates how to respect each other's uniqueness and show compassion to those who need it, no matter who they are.


Faking It - Episode 2.03 - Lust in Translation

Sexy Brazilians arrive at school, amping up hormones at the school; Karma tries to get Amy to fall for someone else; Lauren is in charge of the welcome party.


Movie Trailers

The Dead Lands Official Trailer #1 (2014) - James Rolleston, Lawrence Makoare Movie

Featurettes and Promos

Peter Capaldi on keeping Doctor Who a secret - The Graham Norton Show: Series 16 Episode 1 - BBC One

Survivor's Remorse - First 2 Full Episodes [US Only]

The Mysteries of Laura - Episode 1.03 - The Mystery of the Biker Bar - Promo

Mentalist Video: Stars Discuss the Decision to End Red John Story Line

The Knick - Episode 1.08 - Promo

How I Met Your Mother - Deleted Scene

HIMYM - "Last Forever" Deleted Scenes from Laura Hermann on Vimeo.

Tony Almeida wants out of solitary in new '24' Blu-ray feature


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