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The Bridge - Rakshasa - Review

Previously on The Bridge: Charlotte is in a very bad situation, Sebastian Cerisola is proving to be more an enemy than an ally to Fausto, Hank is on leave for awhile, and Sonya Cross has an unexpected visitor.

Sonya Cross: 

Sonya had a wonderfully written and portrayed part in this episode (as she almost always does). After nearly being killed in the desert, Sonya's first response to Marco (the man who saved her!) is that she simply does not trust him. She is still having trouble with the gray areas of her job. While she is learning to live and deal with them, I don't think that Sonya will ever be completely comfortable with the types of things that she has to do for her job. Sonya's reaction to the advancements in plot towards the end of this episode should be very interesting. Also, I would love to have seen the look on Diane Kruger's face when she read the "I have to pee." line for the first time.

Eleanor Nacht: 

Eleanor has, without a doubt, been the best addition to The Bridge this season. She's very strange and oddly fun to watch. I laughed out loud at her discussion with Cesar over the latest vampire book just because she was so perfectly weird. Eleanor has recently been assessing the damage control for Fausto and has been caught in the middle of a major internal (and very hostile) takeover. The writers have done an excellent job this season in displaying her oddities, while also maintaining a certain amount of dignity for the character. In this episode, (before all the shooting started) Eleanor let Cesar know that she has a child. As with Sebastian Cerisola a few episodes back, I believe that we may have just discovered Eleanor's weakness. As strange as she is the writers seem to want to remind us that Eleanor is a person, and at a time, a victim.

Marco Ruiz: 

After losing his son last season and putting himself in danger countless times since then, his closest friend is someone that he is forced to lie to. On top of that, his two bosses are the likes of Captain Robles & Fausto Galvan. He's a good man trying to the right thing in a very, very bad situation. Marco is lucky in that he has normally been able to maintain his sense of things. Even when he was brought to the edge when he nearly murdered David Tate, Marco was able to recover. After saving Sonya, Marco was heavily criticized by none other than Sonya herself! Marco's rush to save Sonya was equally as entertaining as it was exciting. On a sidenote, I loved the irony of Marco shooting the hitman into the grave meant for Sonya! The writers have simply outdone themselves with ironies!

Charlotte Millwright:

Charlotte and her drug smuggling ring have been largely disconnected from the main storyline this season. However entertaining as it has been to watch Charlotte & Ray bicker, it was fairly obvious that Charlotte's storyline was not going to be around for much longer. Of all the ways for her to go out, I never expected it to be with so many other characters around and in such a grand fashion. The shootout in this episode was inarguably the best scene in the series so far. I say that not only because of the great action, but also because of the number of stories that intersected and immediately ended! To say that Charlotte & the DEA agents went out with a bang would be an understatement.

Favorite Quotes:

Why? Because I'm Mexican? - Cesar
We have work to do. - Eleanor
I know him. He's a demon. - Eleanor
I have to pee! - Sonya
A man like Fausto has needs. - CIA Agent
Don't you laugh shithead! - Marco Ruiz
That's a weak passcode. - Eleanor
Idiot...has no respect. - Cesar
Kill everybody. And that bitch...torture her. - Fausto Galvan
Soy Marco...Soy Marco... - Marco Ruiz
It's over Ms. Nacht - Joe McKenzie
Miss Charlotte... - Cesar

Rating: 9.7/10 - In its highest rating yet, The Bridge managed to end an aging storyline, reinvigorate others more than ever before, and cement itself as one of the best TV shows on the air.

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