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The Bridge - Eidolon - Review

Previously on The Bridge: Thanks to Fausto Galvan's ruthless orders, Joe McKenzie, his partner, and Charlotte Millwright were all killed in an epic shootout that also injured Hank. At around the same time Marco saved Sonya from almost certain death.


After all of the work that Eleanor put into cleaning up a really bad mess, the shootout at the end of the last episode worsened the situation a lot for both parties involved. Not only did Fausto not succeed in killing Eleanor, but Eleanor lost the ledger and has a house full of dead bodies to cleanup. I've probably said it in every single review I've written this season, but Franka Potente does a wonderful job with Eleanor. This episode showed Eleanor in a very panicked mode (think Khaleesi's "Where are my dragons?" moment) and, as usual, Franka Potente delivered a great performance. One of the real joys of watching her is figuring out how she will react to meeting different people (hopefully Sonya at some point!). Seeing how Eleanor's creepy father seems to keep coming up in different episodes, I'm anticipating a scene between the two of them soon. Given Fausto's connections with the police and hatred of Eleanor, her dad might want to sleep with one eye open.

Frye & Adriana:

After an episode away, the two journalists (one ex-journalist I suppose) returned for two brief, but vital scenes. After once again recruiting Adriana to his freelance investigative service, the pair set off to research the Red Ridge Shooting. Quickly figuring out that they needed to tail the mysterious CIA agent, they started to unravel a major conspiracy of proportions I'm not sure we're even meant to fully understand at this point. This is a difficult section to critique because there seems to be so much we don't know. At this point, I would say I'm undecided on my feelings for this plot twist simply because it hasn't really been fully executed yet. Be sure to post your theories regarding this conspiracy in the comments.

Sonya Cross & Marco Ruiz:

For as much screen time as they received, the two main stars of the show didn't do near as much in this episode as the other characters did (well, excluding Charlotte). I would actually say that Sonya & Marco were running in circles for the majority of the episode...that is until the end! While I had to role my eyes at the convenience of Sonya noticing Eleanor's car, it made for an extremely exciting scene and a great end for the episode. This scene succeeded in setting up next week's for Sonya & Eleanor's first real meeting (hopefully) and also reuniting Sonya and Hank.

Rating: 9.0/10 - By following the fantastic "Rakshasa" episode, it was inevitable that "Eidolon" would have a lower rating, but The Bridge was still able to hold my attention and generate some excitement. Given the recent death of Charlotte Millwright, I was a little disappointed that they were unable to work in any of the Linder/Eva storyline, but I suspect that their arc this season may not provide for any scenes this early, hopefully meaning they will have a lot more later.

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