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The Bridge - Beholder - Review

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Previously on The Bridge: Marco is lying to protect a lot of people, Eva & Linder are going on a revenge quest, the CIA has a controlling force in the cartel, and Sonya & Eleanor finally meet.


Because of the massive shootout at the end of "Rakshasa" and the car crash at the end of "Eidolon", the secret investigation that Sonya, Hank, and McKenzie were running has become open knowledge to the CIA, which is a surprisingly menacing force. Instead of offering additional resources like many would hope they would, the interagency affair has turned into a competition that benefits no one, but the cartel (there's a reason for that). It's clear that the CIA has been involved with the cartel for a very long time and is very invested in it. As such, the CIA is willing to block Sonya's investigation in any way possible, including by exploiting and exaggerating her Aspergers condition. Even though they barely mentioned it in this episode, I suspect this could become a massive problem for Sonya's credibility if it's talked about too much.

Eva & Linder: 

Television's weirdest couple has been up to no good and they don't seem to stopping anytime soon. During all of this, Linder has undergone very little character development and Eva even less. This episode changed that in a very rewarding way. On top of the fact that Linder finally shaved his beard (Praise The Lord!) we got to see how very different Linder & Eva are as people. Linder's obsession (can we call it love?) with Eva has allowed him to act as judge, jury, and executioner. Eva, on the other hand, wants to live a different life, something apart from a revenge quest. With this many developments, I have a hard time criticizing the storyline, but I think this story could stand to have a little more action (Not that type of action Linder). They are on a revenge spree after all!

Frye & Adriana: 

After discovering the CIA's involvement with the cartel in the last episode, Frye and Adriana continue to be granted an astronomical amount of freebies (Arrested Development anyone?). They quickly broke into the recently deceased Joe McKenzie's house and stole all of his records on the case which shed some light on the war between the CIA & DEA. These were great scenes that provided a lot of perspective not only on their journalistic investigation, but on what lies ahead for Sonya's investigation. While these were enjoyable, I was completely bored with Adriana's love life issues. It seemed so disconnected from their story so far this season that I just didn't care. Agree? Disagree?

Fausto Galvan:

Something that has always made Fausto Galvan such a great wildcard for the show is the fact that you can never really tell if he knows what he's doing. Half the time, he is more menacing than Darth Vader and the other half of the time, he's a bumbling idiot. While this may seem confusing to some, it is part of the true talent of The Bridge's writing staff to write characters that are all flawed in many different ways. This episode did a fantastic job with Fausto in this regard. In the first scene, he struggles to record a hostage video, but by the end of the episode, his forces have succeeded in cornering Marco Ruiz, the hero of Juarez. In addition to the great character traits displayed in this episode, the war between Sebastian Cerisola and Fausto Galvan continues to heat up. This is sure to explode just in time for an excellent season finale. Be sure to comment who you expect to come out on top!


Marco's scenes provided the majority of the action sequences in this episode. I enjoyed Marco's mini-investigation into Fausto's whereabouts, but also found his investigation incredibly misguided. First, he goes to ask for help to bring down Fausto, but then says he doesn't want any help. We can all see how that worked out for him. Marco's poor decision making was definitely a downside to this storyline, but it setup what could be an awesome meeting next week. On top of the obvious action that should ensue following a meeting between Marco and Fausto, there is sure to be more character development so it's sure to be interesting.


At the end of the last episode, I wondered if Eleanor was actually dead, so it was a welcome surprise to see that she was actually alive and well. Sonya and Eleanor are the perfect nemeses for each other. They're both very formal and their family is off limits from other people. This was shown to be truer than ever when Sonya brought up Eleanor's son. Eleanor's interrogation was my personal favorite scene of the entire episode. As the CIA lets Eleanor go and Sonya (and Frye & Adriana) starts to put the rest of the pieces together, things are bound to get even more interesting and exciting on The Bridge.

Rating: 9.3/10 - With the only weaknesses in this episode being Adriana's love life and Marco's inability to make a decision, The Bridge was successful in producing another great hour of television. Only two more this year!

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