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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 8.02 - The Junior Professor Solution - Recap & Review

Teaser/Beginning Scene:
The gang is having dinner and Sheldon starts with a conversation about Joseph Stalin. As usual, he tries to outsmart everyone. Penny announces that her job starts on Monday. Bernadette asks her if she has looked over the material but she has yet to. Then, she gives an attitude to her. Sheldon senses an awkward moment between the girls. Bernadette wants Penny to be the teacher's pet but most of the gang raises their hand because they have ever been bullied for that.

Sheldon/Howard Plot:

I'm very happy to see Mrs. Davis again. She makes a deal with Sheldon that if he changes his field of study, he will have to be a professor. He is not impressed with this. Sheldon pouts to the men that the meeting with human resources was awful because he has to teach a class. He later looks as this as a silver lining because his heroes like Dr. X has taken his students under his wing. I love that reference that Sheldon made about Doctor X from X-Men: First Class.
Later on, his friends decide to check up on how Sheldon's first day went as a professor but things don't go according to plan. Why? Because he has an empty classroom. Sheldon tells them that the department tells him that he apparently has a reputation for being obnoxious because of this. Then, Howard decides that he wants to take his class because he wants to get his doctorate but everyone else does not like this idea. He thinks he's more than smart enough to take his class. This results in them trying to outsmart each other. Howard finishes off by telling him that engineers are as smart as physicists.

Back at the apartment, Sheldon lets Leonard know that he doesn't believe Howard will do well in his class. Leonard tells him that he can't always outsmart everyone. The next day, Howard attends the first day of Sheldon's class. At first, things seem to go well until Howard decides to get revenge by listening to his music and singing out loud in his class. The reason he does this is because he will be a crappy student if he is going to be crappy teacher. The final blow is when he assaults Sheldon with a spitball into his mouth.
Later that day, the guys try to get the spitball out of his mouth. Howard is upset that he reported him to human resources but he has dropped his class due to them not getting along each other. Once again, they try to outsmart each other again. This ends with Sheldon getting the last laugh but he got his spitball out of his mouth.

Penny/Amy/Bernadette Plot: Meanwhile, Penny invites Amy to Lunch but she wonders where Bernadette is. She decided to not invite her because she has been on her case. Amy defends Bernadette and tells Penny that she wants her to do well. She does not feel comfortable talking behind her back. Then, Amy has a change of heart and thinks sharing negative attitudes about a third-party can be a bonding force between two friends. She decides to be on Penny's side but...

Later on, Amy plays two sides because Bernadette calls her from work and offers her to hang out with her without Penny. Amy agrees and they both criticize that she should be working hard for her job training. Bernadette was insulted when Penny instagrammed herself go out to lunch and get a manicure instead of studying for her job. Amy does not believe that it will reflect poorly on Bernadette if Penny fails at the job. She agrees with her.
At the end, Bernadette quizzes Penny about her job. They reconcile their friendship and they decide to invite Amy to go out with them.
Ending: The guys bond over quizzing each other about physics. It seems that everything is fine between the guys. They wonder why no girls got along with them in high school. This is because they did not play sports but they are happy for who they are.

- While I thought it was hilarious that Howard wanted to get back at Sheldon for belittling him, I am disappointed that they continue to fight because I enjoyed their bond together last season when Howard went a trip to go to NASA and Sheldon went to go see his mother. However, I still blame Sheldon for trying to bully someone that wants to take his class and wants to learn. Good for Howard throwing a spitball into his mouth. He deserved this for being arrogant and for make fun of engineering.
- I really enjoyed that Amy got to go back and fourth on who's the better friend between Penny and Bernadette.
- Raj entertained me, even though he was in this episode briefly, entertained me when he was trying to ship names about his relationship with Emily.
Overall, I was very impressed with the season 8 premiere and I look forward to the future of what happens with Raj and Emily, Penny and Leonard, and how Penny does at her job.