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Sons Of Anarchy - Black Widower - Advanced Preview

Our favorite biker gang drama comes back for its much anticipated seventh and final season next Tuesday on the FX network. I looked at the calendar every month waiting and counting down the days to this last chapter of Jax Teller's Motorcycle Club. I had the opportunity to watch an advanced screening of the seventh season premiere and it is, by far, my favorite episode of the series. By the end of the episode on Tuesday I am sure it will be your favorite as well.

The seventh season premiere begins a short while after the wild ending of season six. If you recall (spoilers if you don't recall), Jax walked into his kitchen, late at night, to find Roosevelt and his wife Tara dead on the floor. Unknown to Jax, is that Gemma is the one who killed Tara and Juice killed Roosevelt to protect Gemma. Law enforcement had no leads as to who could have committed the crimes. Just prior to these events, Jax agreed to serve a stint in prison, which is where we find him at the beginning of the season.

One of the elements I enjoyed about the seventh season premiere is that we don't have to wait long for the action to kick into gear and the story to unfold. Creator Kurt Sutter wastes no time in getting the MC together and taking care of business, which is all Jax has had on his mind. He is determined to avenge Tara's death and his attitude towards life in general makes the series appear completely different. He is in full vengeance mode. It will also be interesting to see who will solve the murder of Tara and Sheriff Eli first. The stage for season seven is set very early on and I love the new direction the show will take while still appearing to maintain its roots.

I have had plenty of theories about how I think this final season of Sons Of Anarchy will play out. Mostly based on the show mirroring 'Hamlet', but I will get into that more as the season progresses and all of us discuss the show some more (after all, isn't that why we are here). After watching the premiere it's looking more and more likely that Shakespeare's play will have more of an influence on the outcome of the series.

Things to Notice

- Marilyn Manson has a scene with Jax. He is actually not a bad actor.

- There is something so cool about seeing the MC sitting around the table, with the SAMCRO logo etched in the middle, for a meeting. It's been a long nine months. I would love to have a game room at my house with that table in it right up next to Stannis' depicting Westeros.

- I can already tell the music this season is going to be incredible. Keep an eye out for the montages.

Tagline Game

By popular demand, I bring you the Tagline Game "TM". For those of you who read my Advanced Preview for The Strain and The Leftovers, I have recently started adding the Tagline Game "TM". I will explain it real quick. Basically, I type five different titles, of which I will choose one, for my potential Review of this episode. This serves a dual purpose; it gives you all an idea of what the episode will be about and it kind of makes it interactive in that you can help me choose the title. So, take a look and comment on the one you think I will pick or the one you like the most.

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Have a great weekend everyone! Hope you enjoy the episode on Tuesday! If you have any questions about the premiere I would love to answer them. I don't like to divulge too much so I don't spoil anything for anyone, but if you ask I will be happy to answer. So comment below even if to just talk about Sons Of Anarchy in general!

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