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Sleepy Hollow – This Is War – Review “We Are Survivors”

   Finally, after nine very long months, Ichabod Crane and Abigail Mills are back on screen for the new season of Sleepy Hollow.
   “This Is War” was an explosive, exciting, fast packed and funny season premiere. It actually more feels like a continuation of last year epic season finale than a real season premiere. Every element that made the show a success last year were back, so it was a real pleasure to see our favorite witnesses and to keep following their crazy adventures.
   It’s quite extraordinary how the writers created such a fascinating and miscellaneous universe around the legend of Sleepy Hollow. I had some fears the writers would be able to keep up with the rhythm of the first season. It happens quite often with new show, the first season is well planed and prepared but then the second season is rushed and missed the parts that made the show a hit in the first place. Luckily, Sleepy Hollow managed to keep up its fast storytelling, with many twists and revelations and always with a lot of humor.

   “This Is War” started quite unexpectedly, with Abbie celebrating Ichabod’s birthday. The scene was a great way to introduce the new season, Ichabod and Abbie’s relationship is the backbone of the show, and Abbie teaching Ichabod new modern tradition is always so funny.
   But, at first, I was a bit disappointed and very intrigued how they both got out of their dire situation of last season finale. They didn't mention how they survived, and they believed Jenny and Katrina were dead. But the weirdest part was they had captured Jeremy, aka the Horsemen of War.
   When John Noble delivered his line “Anything can be tricked into believing a lie”, I understood quickly it was all pretend and Abbie was still stuck in Purgatory and Ichabod was still in his coffin under ground. Jeremy’s deception was a great way to open the season.

    I really enjoyed the pacing of the episode. It started a bit slow, with War’s deception. But he did it in order to get more information on Benjamin Franklin’s key and its location. And when Abbie revealed her sister might know its whereabouts, everything quickly fastened. And how great it was.
   First, Ichabod got out of his coffin, creating an explosion with the sulfur in the ground. He got reunited with Jenny, who survived her car crash, kidnapped and got her sins eaten by Jeremy, so he could know where the key was kept. But the girl is a survivor, as her sister, and she overcame her aggressors. Ichabod saved her by driving an ambulance ! How fun. As he was not able to reverse the car, she drove them off, to get the key before Jeremy and Moloch.

   We got to know more about Benjamin Franklin, and his relationship with Ichabod. It’s always so funny how the writers are rewriting History for the show, and their vision of Benjamin Franklin is hilarious, with his alphabet and how he discovered electricity. It was actually in order to destroy the key by lighting. Because, the key is a loophole for Purgatory, with it, the rule of “sole can not leave unless someone takes its place”” can be broken. So, it means Ichabod can bring Abbie back ; but also Moloch can be freed of Purgatory. Oh My God. He will bring the Apocalypse on Earth, with his demons army.
   Abbie needed to tell Ichabod, and Brooke was there to help her. It was great to see Jimmy Choo back as Brook. I’ve always liked his relationship with Abby and it was very touching when he revealed she made me feel human, he might have a chance at redemption if Moloch does not kill him again.
   But the most emotional scene, and my favorite of the episode, was when Ichabod and Abbie were finally, and for real, reunited, in Moloch’s lair. It was so touching when they hugged. Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie are so amazing together, their connection feels so real. Ichabod had no doubt about using the key to save her, they need to be together to face Moloch and his Apocalypse.

   Back to the real world, Ichabod wasted no time and got the key first (thanks to Benjamin Franklin “the key to success lies under the alarm clock”). I really didn’t expect Ichabod and Jenny to get the key so quickly, I thought Abbie would be struck in Purgatory for more than one episode but Sleepy Hollow’ writers never stop to surprise me and always challenged themselves.
   The scene in Purgatory was spectacular. We even got two Ichabod Cranes. That was hot. It was quite fun to watch Crane and Abbie fighting off and finally Abbie cutting his head. You can’t deceive her, she knows her Crane too well. That was sweet and it showed how deeply they're connected and know each other.
   Ichabod and Abbie escaped Moloch and its demons army and came back to the real world to Jenny. The key was destroyed after being used, so Moloch is still stuck for the time being. I love that Sleepy Hollow is always moving its story so fast, it’s so much more enjoyable than many other shows which tend to drag their stories on several episode so to fill up the season. I can't wait to see what is coming next in Sleepy Hollow.

   The end of the episode promises us a great season, Moloch is still trapped in purgatory but he gave Jeremy his horsemen. And the Horsemen of War looks way more scary than the Horseman of Death. I love his sword of fire and I can wait to see him in action !

   What did you think of “This Is War” ? Are you happy Sleepy Hollow is back ? Hit the comments ! 

Witnesses notes : 

• The only disappointment of the episode was Katrina’s storyline. She is at the hands of her former lover, he wants her to love her but she loves Ichabod so she needs to get out of there fast. I wanted her to see her in action, with her powers. She has been trapped/kidnapped/tied up for too long. Time to see her character in different ways.
But I’m sure Ichabod, Jenny and Abbie were coming to rescue her soon enough…. And they need to rescue the captain too. I'm so glad  we still have 17 episodes to go !
• I miss the opening titles. They were so great now it's just short, without the creepy good music.
• Which was your favorite scenes of Ichabod vs. technology : trying to record his goodbyes on phone, the birthday traditions or the driving ? I loved Ichabod’s birthday party.
• “As usual the impossible becomes our reality”, so True Ichabod, so true.
• I have one word for this episode : magnificent

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