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Sleepy Hollow – The Kindred – Advance Preview

   After a terrific and explosive season premiere last Monday, Sleepy Hollow will continue its second season this Monday on FOX with “The Kindred”. Last week was an exceptional hour of television , from all the season premieres, and pilot, I've watched for this season, it was definitely the best. The writers successfully continue the magic of the first season, we had everything we love from Sleepy Hollow, from hilarious moments, strong emotional reunion to a lot of action, fights, and a plan of evil defeated. The rhythm was intense and a lot happened, our witnesses need to slow down, or they’re gonna destroy Moloch in a couple of episodes !

   My only complaint about last week episode was the under use of Katrina. She had been stuck in Purgatory during the first season, and now that she is free, she has been kidnapped by her headless former fiancé. I’m glad he gave her the magic necklace so she could see his face and hear him because it was so weird to watch her look and talk to a headless man. We still don’t know much about her, and her witch powers.
   Well, in “The Kindred”, Katrina will have a larger part and I’m thankful for that. I’ve always been very interested in her character. There is so much mystery around this woman, and Katia Winter is so talented at embodying her. She had to work with a little background for her character and yet she created a real complex and real woman. And Katia Winter is a real beauty, so charming and intriguing. The cast department of Sleepy Hollow really picked their actors well. Abraham and Katrina's relationship will be more explored, as well as their relationship to Ichabod. As I’ve previously stated, I’m not a fan of love triangle, but in those settings, and as usual, Sleepy Hollow manages to make it interesting.

   But the most exciting and interesting relationship of the show is Ichabod and Abbie’s. It's the backbone of the show, it’s the main reason why Sleepy Hollow is such a great show. Their chemistry, the special bond, their ability to be so truthful and trustworthy put the show on a higher level and develop the basic cop buddy relationship into something more profound and diverse. Their relationship had its little bump in the past, and in “The Kindred”, one of them will have a moment of doubt towards the other. As usual, a lot will happen during this episode of Sleepy Hollow, here’s a list of what to expect in “The Kindred” :

- Ichabod to be a gentleman. He wants to save his lady, Katrina. Of course, he saved Abby from Purgatory last week, so now he is moving on to Katrina. They have been separated for too long, now they are in the same world, they should be together... But, she is held by the Horseman of Death, her former lover, Ichabod former best friend and new sworn enemy. His mission will be dangerous. And someone won't forget to make him remember what happened the last time they tried to save Katrina....
- A new sheriff in town ! You might be surprised, but the character seems quite interesting, very different from Captain Irvin. I don't know yet if I hate this new sheriff because I miss Irvin or because it's a pain in the ass.
- Someone from Abbie and Jenny’s past to be back in their lives. And it's a surprise for both of them.
- An epic fight between Death, War and a new character. One of the witness will be in danger during this fight. It also will be the first time we see War in action… And he will be quite terrific.
- A ceremony, involving Katrina and the Horsemen. It's an ancient ritual. I wouldn't want to be in Katrina's position. For her sake, let's just hope Ichabod will come to rescue her soon enough.
- An arrest ! Someone is getting arrested, by the new sheriff.
- Mind games ! One of the Horseman will try to play on Katrina’s jealousy. She notices, as everyone else, that Ichabod and Abby are very close and that they share a special connection. Will it work or has Katrina enough trust in her husband ? Also, being a witch, she can use this obvious move from the Horseman to her advantage.
- Moloch is taking a step back. He has to figure out his new plan to reign on Earth. It doesn’t mean our witnesses are safe. Jeremy, the Horseman of War is still a big and present threat.
- More of Franklin.... In a way. Because, The Kindred is actually one of Benjamin Franklin’s creature ; a very powerful creature that is supposed to help our two witnesses in their quest against the Horsemen. But, nothing goes as planned, especially with Benjamin Franklin.

   “The Kindred” is a pretty exciting episode, the stakes aren’t as high as last week, they can’t defeat pure evil every weeks, but there will be some important character development a lot of action and the introduction of new characters and storylines for the season. This second season is on a very good path.

   And finally, the quotes game : guess from which character those quotes are :

   “You are a deception” / “You must be like him, in every way” / “We’re gonna bring some sanity back to this town” / “It will be our monster” / “Are you part of the wedding industry ?” / “Good people, bad luck. I heard your Mother say it”

Are you excited about “The Kindred” ? Hit the comments !

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