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Sleepy Hollow - Episode 2.02 - The Kindred - Extended Synopsis

Crane wakes from a prophetic dream worried that Abraham (aka the Headless Horseman) intends to perform an ancient and gruesome ritual in order bind himself to his love, Katrina, for all eternity. Ichabod uses his knowledge of his old and former friend to figure out where Katrina is being held prisoner, and he and Abbie plan to stage a rescue before nightfall. In order to achieve their goal, the Two Witnesses use information gleaned from Corbin’s files and from one of Benjamin Franklin’s notebooks to try and summon forth a weapon – or, more precisely, a monster – known as “The Kindred,” which legend tells has powers equal to those of the Horseman of Death himself. Abbie meets Captain Irving’s replacement, Sheriff Leena Reyes, a no-nonsense peace officer with ties to Sleepy Hollow and a firsthand knowledge of the Mills sisters and their troubled past. The new top-cop brings with her the same brand of skepticism initially held by her predecessor, creating several new impediments for our heroes to contend with. Meanwhile, a jailed Captain Irving faces new troubles after finally revealing the true details of his encounter with the demon Ancitef. Undaunted by his recent setback, Moloch continues his plans to free himself and his army of demons from Purgatory, and Henry Parish uses his otherworldly powers to try and turn a former foe into an ally.