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Raina Reveals: Exclusive Spoilers and Teasers - Baby Daddy, Nashville, Scandal and The Goldbergs

Thanks for tuning in to the eighth edition of my weekly article, Raina Reveals, which covers exclusive spoilers and teasers brought to you by The SpoilerTV Team! We hope you enjoyed last week's scoop. This week's article will include answers to questions sent in via our Ask Raina form. If you are desperate for details on a particular show be sure to send your question in via the form at the end of the article.

June: Anything on the season premiere of Baby Daddy would be great, particularly about Danny?
As we know the end of Season 3 saw Danny ready to move to Paris to see if he had a future with Georgie. Season 4 will pick up straight after the events of the finale, with Danny ready to board his plane. However, a last minute voice mail has the potential to change everything.

Charlie: I was wondering if you knew the episode count for Constantine?
We can confirm Constantine Season 1 will run for 13 episodes which will air through out 2014-2015, Whether there is an option for a back 9 is yet to be revealed.

Max: So far showcase didn't renew Continuum and Syfy is still waiting for the decision. Any news on that?
Nothing has been announced either way but we are confident Continuum will receive a Season 4, and more than likely final season, renewal.

Brangelina: Anything on Nashville?
A new female character with ties to Luke will hit it off with Deacon, while Rayna with struggle with overwhelming doubt as her wedding date approaches.

Scandal Fan: Need a Spoilerfix for Scandal! Anything!
An early episode of the new season will see a judiciary committee involving three senators we have yet to meet. We also hear the powers that be are dubbing Episode 4 to have one of the most provocative scenes on network television.

James: Do you have any scoop for the next season of The Goldbergs?
We do! Season 2 of The Goldbergs will see the local school holding auditions for a musical. Beverly demands Adam audion for the lead, however, the role goes to another student. Naturally, Beverly won't stand for this, taking her frustrations to the Principal. We can only imagine this won't end well.

Tom: Can you give any information on the new character Mr Parish, who debuts in The Vampire Diaries Season 6??
From the casting we know that we first meet Mr. Parish in episode 6.08. He is described as a salt of the earth man in his 50s. We understand that he is part of a coven and played a role in imprisoning his own son for unknown reasons. Be sure to track our The Vampire Diaries tag for more details as they are released!

Jess: Do you have any new episode titles to reveal?
You're in luck! We have four new episode titles for you. The Blacklist 2.05 "The Front", Sons of Anarchy 7.09 "What A Piece Of Work Is Man", Sons of Anarchy 7.10 "Faith and Despondency" and Sons of Anarchy 7.11 "Suits of Woe".

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check back next week for more spoilers on various shows. Please note: All spoilers were compiled directly from the source by The SpoilerTV Team. They are accurate at the time of posting, however, as with all information given ahead of time they are subject to change.

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Raina is an avid TV fan from Australia who loves swimming, reading and playing the piano. Her favourite shows include Sleepy Hollow, The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead. She is currently working on the SpoilerTV Pilot Watch Spreadsheet and writing Spoiler Articles covering various shows.

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