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Quote of the Week - 14th September, 2014

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team this past week. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off below the article.

BOARDWALK EMPIRE, "Golden Days for Boys and Girls", 7th September, 2014

DarthLocke: Marazano "Kingdoms rise, kingdoms fall. Pretenders reach for the throne but only Caesar can rule and the pretenders fade away. What does it all mean? In the words of Marcus Aurelius, the universe is change, our life is what our thoughts make it. And my thoughts are this, everybody in this room, is going to get rich."

Sally Wheet "What's the sense in looking back? It never does any good."

Unknown Female Voice "Be honest and true, boys. Whatever you do, boys. Let this be your model through life. Both now and forever, be this your endeavor, when wrong with the right is at strife. The best and the truest alas the fewest, but be one of these if you can..."

DOCTOR WHO, "Listen", 13th September, 2014

Sandi: Rupert "Would you read me a story? It'll help me get to sleep."
Clara "Sure"
The Doctor "Once upon a time..." (He touches Rupert's head, sending him to sleep instantly) "...the end." (He shrugs at Clara) "Dad skills."

The Doctor "What's that in the mirror? Or the corner of your eye? What's that footstep following, but never passing by?"
Clara "Did we come to the end of the universe because of a nursery rhyme?!"

GIRL MEETS WORLD, "Girl Meets Smackle", 12th September, 2014

Shirleena Cunningham: Topanga "Oh no..I married Feeny"

LEGENDS, "Rogue", 10th September, 2014

Sharon Seymour: Martin "Let's just say I never lost a gunfight for a lack of shootin'."

OUTLANDER, "The Garrison Commander", 13th September, 2014

Nirat Anop: Lord Thomas "Someone really ought to teach these people the King's English."
Claire "May I remind you Lord Thomas there are parts of England, Newcastle comes to mind where the local accent is equally unintelligible to our ears."
Dougal "If you wish to hear Londoners speak, perhaps you should have stayed in London."

Dougal "Are you purposely trying to embarrass the lass, or are you just an arrogant wee smart?"

Claire "And so both sides have committed depredations they should be ashamed of."
Unknown Man "Dog me, that's a woman's view, If ever I heard one, that is why I make It a point, never to discuss politics with a lady."
Claire "I was under the impression we were discussing morality, not politics."
Black Jack "I'm forced to question whether the ladies morality is any clearer than her politics."
Lord Thomas "What are you implying Sir."
Black Jack "All this time living with savages, I have to wonder if Dougal MacKenzie has shared more than just bread and shelter with the lady, perhaps he has also shared his bed."
Claire "How dare you! That is a scurrilous charge. The Scots just want the same freedoms we enjoy. Freedoms we take for granted. They are not the aggressors Captain, we are. It is their land and we are occupying it."

Black Jack "I don't recall requesting your presence."
Dougal "Up ye lassie, yer done here. I didna come here to fight, you tell yer wee laddies here to step aside before I lose my temper."

Dougal "I can only legally refuse to hand you back to Randall if I change you from a English woman to a Scot."
Dougal "The only way I can do that is for you to marry one."
Claire "No. Absolutely not. I cannot do that."
Dougal "Would you rather go to an English prison?"
Claire "So I'm to marry you?"
Dougal "Well, I must admit. The idea of grinding your corn does tickle me. But it is
not myself I'll be nominating for the position."
Claire "Then who?"

Claire "Dougal wants us to be married."
Jamie "I know."
Claire "And you're willing?"
Jamie "Well, you've mended my wounds more than once. Feel I owe you something for all that. Besides, what kind of friend would I be if I left you to that mad bastard Randall?"
Claire "So that's it then? As far as your concerned we'll just start the honeymoon tomorrow?"
Jamie "Aue. Whatever suits you."
Claire "Well doesn't it bother you that... I'm not a virgin?"
Jamie "...well, uh no. So long as it doesna bother you that I am. Reckon one of us should ken what they're doing."

SONS OF ANARCHY, "Black Widower", 9th September, 2014

Sandi: Jax "I already lost the woman I love, I'm not gonna lose my club. For me to move forward with all the things we have to do, I need to know that this table has no doubts. No mistrust. That every single one of you would kill or die for the man next to him, and if you don't feel that way, now's the time to speak up"
Chibs "We're all in brother. We love you, we trust you. Tell us what you need"

Gemma "I don't think she's trying to replace you, or me. Probably good for them boys, having her around. I trust her...for now"

THE LEFTOVERS, "The Prodigal Son Returns", 7th September, 2014

Geo N: Lucy "You were right!"

THE STRAIN, "The Disappeared", 7th September, 2014

DarkUFO: Setrakian "Who was that? "
Eph "My Ex-wife's boyfriend."
Fet "Not anymore."

Fet "I have feelings."
Setrakian "Leave the feeling to others."

Sharon Seymour: Ephraim "Zach is going back with you. I'll meet you in an hour. I'm trusting you with him. Please take good care of him."
Setrakian "Of course."
Ephraim "I'm trusting you."
Setrakian "Yes. I know. My hearing is excellent."

WITCHES OF EAST END, "Sex, Lies and Birthday Cake", 7th September, 2014

Sharon Seymour: Wendy "This may sound crazy. Just roll with me for a second, OK? ... I'm a witch."

Tommy "You're a witch??? Are you gonna drop a house on me?"

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