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POLL: Arrow - Season 3 - Who Do You Think Should Play Ra's Al Ghul?

As many people have heard or not heard, Liam Neeson has said in a video interview that he's down to play Ra's Al Ghul on Arrow. It would be a great fan choice since he's a brilliant actor but also the one who portrayed Ra's in Batman Begins. Ever since, many of you fellow SpoilerTV readers have since submitted this piece of extremely awesome Arrow news in ever since, with no response. Since its unconfirmed, Sandi (thanks to the awesomeness of Sandi who helped me out making this poll) and I thought how about you guys have a vote on who you'd like to play Ra's whilst we wait for the unveiling of the true actor playing him on Arrow.

These actors are merely suggestions, feel free to include your own in the comments below.