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Outlander - The Wedding - Advance Preview + Teasers

In this episode, “The Wedding”, Jamie and Claire are married, as the name implies. Claire soon finds herself torn between two men, both of them her husband.

Previously on Outlander, Claire met up with Black Jack Randall again for the first time since their initial encounter shortly after she was transported back through time. Claire was horrified when Black Jack recounted Jamie’s flogging and his true dark nature. Claire learned first-hand how brutal Black Jack could be in attempting to get what he wanted. To save Claire from Black Jack, Dougal proposed that she become a Scot by marrying Jamie.

Claire and Jamie aren’t given much choice in the matter and find themselves married despite being virtual strangers. To ensure that the marriage is legal and binding, they are expected to quickly consummate the marriage while witnesses wait downstairs. To say that this is awkward and tense would be putting it lightly. With the aid of alcohol, they spend some time just talking and getting to know one another better before things become physical.

I’ve anticipated this episode all season, and it surpassed my expectations. There are a few creative deviations from the book which I think actually work better for TV. Jamie and Claire’s growing relationship is the focus of this episode which I feel is enhanced by the changes. And yet the episode also stays pretty true to the original story which I was happy to see.

This episode really builds the intimacy, both physical and emotional, between Jamie and Claire. Although there is definitely a lot of sex in this episode, it isn’t done in a salacious manner. Instead it comes across as very sensual and beautiful. The last sex scene particularly shows the growing closeness between Jamie and Claire. Claire and Jamie are opening up to one another, and they are embarking on a new journey together.

It is hard to not fall a little in love with Jamie in this episode, if you haven’t already. He shows remarkable patience and gentleness with Claire. Jamie is a very proud and honorable man who has very strong convictions on marriage. What I admire about Jamie is that he never appears weak. He has been through many things that would have broken a lesser man, and yet he always appears strong and proud. Claire is now his, and you believe him when he tells her that he will protect her with his life, if needed. And as Diana Gabaldon remarked, Sam Heughan does have one fine ass which certainly doesn’t hurt.

I could clearly feel Claire’s torment as she finds herself stuck between worlds and the two men she has married. I appreciate that Claire is pragmatic and doesn’t try to martyr herself. This marriage ensures her survival. Although Claire may have been attracted to Jamie, she isn’t in love with him as of yet. Jamie reveals that he married her to keep her safe. I think she feels grateful to him. She genuinely likes him and enjoys his company and the physical aspect of their marriage. She hasn’t forgotten Frank nor her marriage to him. And at times her guilty conscious makes her withdraw into herself. Understandably she feels as if she has betrayed her marriage vows and even worse has found pleasure in it. This marriage with Jamie has opened another door and something is growing. Claire is in quite a quandary. She is married to two genuinely good men, one of which she may never see again. Ever since she has arrived in this time, she has fought to try to return to her time and Frank. How long will it be before it is hard to remember and easier to let go and move on? What does she owe Jamie, who is now also her husband? I can’t wait to see how things unfold for her in the upcoming episodes.

Here are a few teasers from this episode:
-Jamie has three demands before he’ll go through with the marriage.
-Claire takes Jamie’s breath away when he sees her in her wedding gown. The gown is absolutely stunning and definitely worth the trouble Ned goes through to procure it.
-Someone doesn’t see marriage as an obstacle.
-Threats and brute force can’t get the priest to perform the marriage ceremony, but something else does.
-The appropriate attire is important for the groom as well as the bride.
-Claire is surprised that Murtagh can be romantic.
-Jamie has a gift for his bride.
-The witnesses get a little impatient.
-Some events require a little Dutch courage and a lot of whiskey.
-Jamie reveals if his first time was what he expected it to be.

Episode 7, "The Wedding", airs this Saturday at 9PM on Starz.

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