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Outlander - Season 1 - Post midseason finale interview with THR

In addition to episodes seven and eight, you're directing the final two episodes of the season that will air next year. Have you wrapped production yet?

They are finishing today [Sept. 24] with pickups and inserts. We did the last wrap on Monday night. It was quite exciting. Not only was it the season finale, but it was the 200th shooting day for the crew. You could see the strain on the crew. It was a long run for everybody. Including the actors, particularly Catriona [Balfe]. She had no stopping.

This episode followed Claire and Jamie’s wedding, which you also directed. What was the most important thing you wanted to capture in the aftermath and how did last week’s episode inform your approach?

When we shot the wedding episode, it was interesting what’s been happening to Claire. She essentially agrees to do this wedding to survive, so she’s not [getting the wrath of] Black Jack. But on a larger perspective her objective is to go back to the stones, go back to Frank, go back to her time. In a way, being married made it easier for her to get to that goal. She is starting in a relatively pragmatic way and then, as you see in Saturday’s episode, it doesn’t quite go the way she thought because she fell in love. That is the first time, when you see her reaction at the end of the episode, that she is realizing her objective is not clear anymore. In the beginning of [episode] eight, Claire got sidetracked.