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Once Upon A Time - Season 4 - Adam Horowitz & Eddy Kitsis Interview

So with that in mind, here are the fans most burning questions:

Nathalia from Brazil (@nath_rebel), B. from Sweden (@richliga) and Joanna Waddell from Colorado want to know what subtle references from Frozen might appear in Season 4? We know there will be no Olaf the Snowman. And Sven the Reindeer has already practically won an Emmy for his fine performance! But will characters mention Let It Go, or will we hear that song in the background, or will we see the Snow Queen’s ice castle that reflects her emotions? And will there be any other homages to the movie besides ice and reindeer?

Eddy: We will absolutely see homages to the movie. Sometimes it will be a character that will literally be there. Sometimes it will be a turn of phrase. But there are definitely a lot of shout outs and Easter eggs to the movie.

Diane: Cool! Yaroslava from Russia (@yaroslavnikulina) wants to know how Elsa came from the urn and what is her connection to Rumple?

Adam: Ooh! Well that’s a great question! And one that we intend to answer in the show. We don’t really want to spoil it.

Eddy: I would say that will be unfolded over the first eleven episodes—that very answer.

Diane: Along those lines, Joanna Waddell from Colorado wants to know how the other Frozen characters will enter Once Upon a Time’s world. I’m assuming they don’t all come from the urn.

Eddy: No. How they enter our world will be—boy, that’s a tough one. Mostly, we’re going to see everything from Elsa’s point of view. Characters will come in and out, but from the beginning it will be through flashbacks, and we’ll have to see what happens from there.

Diane. Okay! L. Scot (@LScot23) wants to know if we can expect a big showdown this season between Regina’s fire and Elsa’s ice? Can you tease how Elsa’s Snow Monster might also come into play?

Eddy: Well, I can tell you that we’ll see Regina do her best attempt to melt ice! But we can also tell you it will not be against Elsa, who is not a villain.