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Once Upon a Time - Episode 4.01 - A Tale of Two Sisters - TVLine & E!Online Teasers

-The premiere’s opening scene takes place in Arendelle, the setting for Frozen, though Elsa and Anna are not seen.
-Marian simply cannot understand why everyone in Storybrooke is being so dang nice to the Evil Queen!
-Do you still have to honor your wedding vows if your wife comes back from the dead…?
-Regina and Emma have a great heart-to-heart… where they’ve never face-to-face.
-Queen Elsa (played by Fringe‘s Georgina Haig) and vehicles do not mix.
-Someone says, “He won’t smell like that forever.”
-Judging by the audience reaction at the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles, Belle and Rumple’s Beauty and the Beast dance was the episode’s most swoon-worthy moment.
-Hook provides Emma with some much-needed encouragement.
-The reindeer playing Sven deserves a special Emmy.
-Neal/Baelfire makes an appearance… sort of. (Regardless, it’s quite touching.)
-The episode ends with a journey.

-Anna and Elsa are just like in the movie. Ditto Kristoff, Grandfather Troll and Sven. (Yep, they're all there!) Executive producers Eddie --Kitsis and Adam Horowitz weren't kidding when they said that unlike most fairy-tale characters on their show, the Frozen characters will not have a new twist, but stay true to their original version.
-The episode starts off in Arendelle (adjacent), going way back in time, and pretty much debunks that popular Frozen-Tangled tie-in theory.
-You will need to take a pretty big leap of logic when it comes to the way that Elsa ends up in Storybrooke. Unless you know a lot of brides who run off to do a non-pressing task in a far away land one day before their wedding? (Biggest gripe with this episode. But I can get over it.)
-Robert Carlysle told me he expected the hashtag "#Dance" to be trending on Sunday night for the premiere, and he wasn't kidding! Despite all the Frozen hype, it's actually a dance scene between Bele and Gold that popped as the episode's most squeal-worthy moment.
-The best twist of the episode also has nothing to do with Frozen, but rather Regina's reaction to Marion reuniting with her love Robin. The quest Regina sets out on this season is pretty dang epic, and a great new way to shake up the series. (If anyone thinks Regina will be taking the news of Marion's return lightly, you are sorely mistaken.)
-There's a giant surprise in Storybrooke and the whole thing looks more like a Ghostbusters throwback than a Frozen throwback. It's campy and fun.
-Georgina Haig (Elsa), Elizabeth Lail (Anna) and Scott Michael Foster (Kristoff) are perfectly cast and pretty great in their roles, but the real break out star is the live reindeer playing Sven, who has better acting skills than 80 percent of Hollywood! #truth Get this furry guy his own spinoff, stat!

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