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NCIS: New Orleans - Musician Heal Thyself - Review: "Off To A Great Start"

NCIS: New Orleans aired its first episode last night on CBS, and just like it my preview I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, it had some great storylines, great characters and ultimately set up for (hopefully) some great episodes throughout the season. There definitely is a lot to talk about, so let's get to it!


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The episode followed on from the backdoor pilot on NCIS, the backdoor pilot introduced all of the team, so this episode was all about developing some of the relationships in the team, which I must say is off to a great start.

In this particular episode, the team is posed with investigating a limb found in a fishing container by a group of people. The case was a particularly small case and low-key story line, I thought. However I did enjoy the way that it involved Pride personally.

Now, the characters, in this episode they all got on as a team very well, it was fun watching this team work on their first case as a team. I can especially see LaSalle and Brody ending up something like Kensi and Deeks on NCIS: LA or even the unfavorable Ziva and Dinozzo duo on NCIS. There are were definitely some great relationship moments between the team in this episode.

The episode was slow to get going, yet things were kept interesting through the personal factor within Pride and the victim, Pride showed a lot of emotion which kept me interested. I loved seeing Pride shift it up a gear, and do anything to catch this killer. Though saying that, there was some fast paced moments of the episode, such as the raid on the camper-van or the chase of the suspect.

I especially enjoyed the way that Pride put the councilman in his place after blaming the NCIS team for starting a gang war.But honestly I still believe that he had something to do with Calvin's death.

The comedy in the episode has actually gotten better since my preview, I said that some of the comedy was quite 'cheesy', the comedy has actually grown on me a bit. I actually ended up enjoying some of the comedy, put it this way, the comedy in this episode is definitely of a very high standard.

Pride definitely is something different from the team leaders like Gibbs and Callen, but he is very good at what he does, defending his city. Pride definitely loves his city, and is well known around the city, but he does best at catching the city's criminals.

The series is definitely set apart from it's counterparts in DC and LA, through the type of investigation. Let's think about it, the original NCIS is the main original NCIS, NCIS: LA specializes in undercover projects, whilst NCIS: NOLA specializes in criminal behavior. This is shown very clearly when Brody is interrogating a suspect towards the end of the episode.

The only thing I'd like to see in NCIS: New Orleans going forward is definitely some more interesting cases, don't get me wrong this case was interesting in all however it didn't catch my attention as much as an intense case, such as a fugitive on the run.

The ending of the episode was really well done, I liked the fact that the whole team was together, even Sebastian Voll. I hope to see more of these types of scenes where the team is all together as a 'team'.


"Where we at with ID'n....... the catch of the day, Loretta?"

Calvin's Father: "There's only two things I've loved in this life, Calvin and Jazz"

LaSalle: "I thought that since you were personally involved, you may want to take a pass on this one?"

Pride: "Councilman..... Gotta remember to lock the door"

Pride: "I say he starts running in....3...2...1"



Overall, the episode was a great start to what I hope to be a great season, I just hope it can keep going well. It was a very interesting episode, but I do hope to get some more interesting episodes in the future. Nether the less, the whole theme of New Orleans is shown right through the episode which I especially liked, I especially loved the intro sequence, which makes the show its own unique style.

Rating: B+

What were your thoughts on the episode? What did you like? Leave your thoughts in the comments! Thanks for reading my review! Catch my next review of NCIS: New Orleans next week!

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