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NCIS: New Orleans - Musician Heal Thyself - Advance Preview: "A Promising Series"

NCIS - New Orleans, the second spin-off from the hit series NCIS, is a very promising series. The whole series is very polished, the setting of New Orleans is done very well, and the characters fit the series remarkably well. There are a number of things done remarkably well in this episode, but how will the rest of the series turn out?


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The crime solving trio in NCIS: New Orleans works surprisingly well. they all respect each other, get along with one another, and ultimately get the job done in the end. But you can definitely see space for some in house romance between LaSalle and Brody.

Also, there is the medical examiner group of characters consisting of Dr. Loretta Wade and assistant Sebastian Voll. The duo are great, they assist the NCIS team with crimes like in NCIS, and overall very reminiscent of the Ducky and Jimmy duo on NCIS.

The story-lines in NCIS: New Orleans are very typical of crime procedural's, in this episode, a leg is found in a fish container, and with no body to go on, the team have to find answers. This was a very intriguing and interesting story line, kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole episode. However NCIS: New Orleans is going to have to bring some new, unique crimes to the table if it wants to bridge itself out from other crime procedural's.

Now - the accents, I found that the accents fit the nature of the series very well. Sure, Pride's accent did sound a little unnatural, however I think that it will just take time. LaSalle, on the other hand works extremely well, his accent fits the New Orleans feel about the series very well.

There was not any major flaws in the acting in the episode, however it's far from perfect. The comedy in the episode was good, there were quite a few well done jokes in the episode, however some of the jokes I found really quite cheesy and overdone.

New Orleans as a setting was incredible, after all, this is the first crime procedural set in New Orleans (that I know of), it was refreshing to have a different city, different lifestyles, but still the same NCIS feel.

I found that the episode engaged me as a viewer quite well, there was always something going on, that was interesting, that kept making my eyes glued to the screen. I had high expectations, going into this episode, and I must say, I enjoyed it very much.

NCIS: New Orleans has the potential to go along way, judging from this episode, it could prove to become quite popular. Despite some cheesy comedy, NCIS: New Orleans gets everything right, and I can't wait to see how this series continues.



- The character's work remarkably well together, and can see some room for romance later on in the series.
- Story lines are very typical of a crime procedural, but still very high quality. Would like to see some intense cases throughout the series,
- Accents do actually fit the series surprisingly well, however Pride's accent is a little unnatural.
- Comedy quite well done, despite some cheesy jokes here and there.
- New Orleans, an incredible city to work with, very different feel, but still same NCIS feel.
- Very engaging series, very interesting, very enjoyable episode overall.
- Has the potential to go along way, can't wait to see how far it goes.

Rating: B

Will YOU be watching NCIS: New Orleans? What are YOUR thoughts so far? Let me know in the comments!

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