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Modern Family - The Long Honeymoon - Review: "A Great Summer"

Modern Family returned for it's sixth season on ABC last night and definitely made it's mark. Having just won multiple awards at the primetime emmy awards, Modern Family is bigger than ever. This was a really fun episode to watch, lets get to it!

Cam and Mitchell had just returned from their honeymoon, and Cam seems to be taking it a little too far with the romance of it all. Mitchell just wants to get back to reality, whilst Cam wants to enjoy the romance while they've still got it. Cam definitely went all out, because Cam doesn't want the honeymoon to end.

The scene in Mitchell's work function was particularly great, Cam switched it up a notch to try and express his love for Mitchell (in front of his work colleagues), but then started dancing with Mitchell! Mitchell quickly put a stop to this, but overall these two definitely killed it this episode.

Over at the Dunphy's, the family are enjoying a fun summer without Alex (who is out 'building houses for the poor'), Haley and Luke are getting on (who would have thought?), but speaking of Haley, she has started a video blog (with over 50,000 subscribers). This video blog takes an unexpected turn when she realizes that the camera has been on at all times.

When Alex returns, things go bad, Phil and Claire think that maybe she had some sort of 'bad luck' charm. Because whenever she is in the house, everything is bad. The family later realizes they need Alex in the house, because she was the smartest one in the house and they needed an 'adult' in the house. This storyline was great, the Dunphy's never fail to disappoint.

Finally, at Jay and Gloria's, Gloria is worried about Jay getting old, because he is wearing 'old' things, such as the new glasses. But then the two of them start worrying about that they don't worry about dressing up for each other. Gloria then doesn't dress up for a meeting with Jay's clients, to see if Jay will go through with it.

When they get home, there is a surprise party waiting for them, because it's Gloria's birthday, but they don't see Gloria in her finest appearance. I thought this story-line was good, however it was a bit bland, and I did not enjoy it as much as the other storylines.


"Did nobody notice the oven light? .......LIGHTS MEAN THINGS PEOPLE!" Alex

"Haley, just disappear for a moment?" Phil

"Just a though.....maybe we should stop doing these?" Lily

"Are we the kind of family that has cookies for breakfast?" Claire

Overall, this was a great premiere for Modern Family, I especially enjoyed the Dunphy's storyline the best! Last season definitely was a great season, that only means that this will be an even better season! I definitely can't wait to see what Modern Family brings this season!

So what was your thoughts on the Modern Family premiere? What was your favorite storyline? Leave your thoughts in the comments! Be sure to watch the next episode of Modern Family next Wednesday at 9/8c, and then check back here for my review!

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