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Intruders - Time Has Come Today - Review

Recap and Review of Episode 3 Time Has Come Today (Promo for episode 4 below)

This episode was brilliant we find out a lot of things in this episode that we didn't know before.This was definitely the best one yet as we get some background information on Marcus as well as we learn a few things out about Shepherd. Marcus still continues to creep me out in this episode with the glaring eyes and the creepy stares accompanied by the zoned out talking about his past. We find out early on that Marcus was around in the 1700's he was in an orchestra which accompanied Mozart in the theatre. Maybe Marcus did have a normal life at some point and was generally happy , but I wonder what changed him.

Following that opening scene we see Shepherd again , driving towards Seattle. We actually see Jack in the same scene except he is driving the opposite way to where Shepherd is going. Here's hoping that maybe there path's will collide at one point , so Jack can get some answers himself as I don't think Amy will give them to him. We see a flashback of Shepherd with Marcus Fox , who says "When the nine finally manage to kill me , you can have all that money". So the number 9 stands for a group of people and Marcus was an old man at the time when Shepherd first met him. I wonder how old Shepherd is and why he doesn't seem to age. I hope we find out as it would be nice for some clarification.

Shepherd by the way is called Richard. Marcus says "Shepherd me of the books , until it's time to bring me back" Which most likely just means help him disappear. So when we see Madison receive that number 9 card and white shell symbol in episode 1 from shepherd ,he was bringing Marcus back , which means that it was planned. We still don't know what the purpose of doing all that was (Marcus's sole going into someone else / bringing him back) , maybe Marcus was in trouble and needed to disappear and, that was the only way to do it. We also hear a line from Marcus in the flashback "what goes around comes around" which is still as creepy as ever , but what does it mean. Is shepherd going to be like Marcus and his sole take over someone's body one day? We still don't actually see how Marcus's sole came to be in another person's body and what happened to him , but I expect we will later on. One thing that bothers me is that is Marcus with Shepherd or against him , as I mean sure Shepherd brought him back , but why does Shepherd want to get Marcus and why doesn't Marcus want Shepherd to find him? Something must have happened to them two in the past , if they now live in fear of each other , but I wonder what. They also seemed perfectly fine together in the flashback and it looked as if they had a tiny bit of respect for one another.

We see a good scene between Amy and Jack next. Jack has returned home , Amy is in their bed. Jack confronts her and whilst he is taking a shower , he is telling her exactly what he was doing. At this point Amy is tangled in a web of lies you can tell she isn't telling the truth as when Jack would mention something like why wasn't you at the hotel, she would say something like I stayed elsewhere , but wouldn't give a name. The scene gets a bit emotional later on when Amy starts expressing how much she needs Jack one line in particular "Your my shepherd"
stood out , as again what is it with this whole shepherding business. Why do people have to shepherd someone?
Amy looks like she is about to tell Jack something important as she starts saying "you wouldn't understand if I told you" and then suddenly she stops speaking and leaves the room and turns on Jazz music. So something inside her is stopping her from telling him the truth or giving him any answers to her mysterious activities. Also what the hell is it with Jazz music I just can't put my finger on it.
We take a quick look back at Marcus , who is still travelling to Seattle courtesy of a woman called Karen. Marcus is now asleep and the woman is having doubts about taking him to Seattle so she rings the number on the back of the number 9 card it is Shepherd who answers. When Marcus finds out that she rang him she leads her into the bathroom to later on kill her after giving Karen a made up story about how her uncle touched her. Marcus now is a cold blooded killer and obviously has serious issues and doesn't like to be betrayed by the people whom he tries to trust. Note to self never follow someone into the bathroom after they have a mental breakdown.

Jack and Amy later on continue to argue , which leads to Amy saying "We need to separate" is she really talking about her and Jack wanting to separate , because he didn't seem to want to or her and the other person inside her wanting to separate from Jack.
She then says "I need to become what I am supposed to"
What is this? A cold blooded killer , perhaps? Head of the number 9 group? There are so many things that she could become , I wonder what she will become. She says another damn creepy line "I'm not leaving you, I'm leaving myself" So whatever is inside her will take full control of her and Amy's soul will be gone forever. She clearly doesn't want to leave Jack as she confesses her love countless times , but it looks like she hasn't got a choice and something is forcing her too. I feel so sorry for Jack and also Amy too to be together for so long and then have their marriage ripped apart by something I'm sure none of them asked for. I do wonder how do these "people" choose which person to put there sole into or does the host volunteer? The last scene of the episode is between Jack and his friend Gary. Gary has information that ties Amy to a group of people that are responsible for killing Bill Anderson's family. So the people like Shepherd then. Again I have no idea who Bill is , if they have told us who he is I must of missed it. The promo for next week does show an old man with Gary and Jack so this could be Bill. I do like how with the show how they try to cover as much detail as possible and are slowly uncovering the truth episode by episode.
One last thing , notice in the episode how Jack and Amy were having an intimate moment on the coach , both seemed to be enjoying it until Amy's pupil changed to black. I have seen this happen on a few occasions in the episodes so it must be how they switch between one another (Amy and ...). I do wonder how on earth they switch and why Amy doesn't seem to have more control over it because , one minute she is there the next she isn't , unless she is letting the person take over her.

Episode 3 was the best episode yet , it may not have progressed a huge amount story wise , but there were some big reveals. It is getting more exciting episode by episode and I am now eager to watch the next one. We are slowly seeing the truth be revealed and new characters come into play. The cast also continue to shine with their mind blowing performances as well , they really make you feel for the characters , whilst still managing to keep everything dark and creepy. I expect more brilliant episodes are coming and , I'm excited to see where it's all heading.

As always thank's for checking out my review/recap of the episode. I hope you're enjoying the show as much as I am.

What did you think of the episode? Which character is your favourite so far? What do you like about the show? Do you think Amy wanted to leave Jack? Is Shepherd with Marcus or against him?
Let me know in the comments!

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