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Graceland - Season 2 - Finale Postmortem

Thanks to Ashley for heads up.

Is Mike dead? Because he looks pretty dead.
Jeff Eastin: Let's put it this way: He looks pretty dead to me. I'm not supposed to say officially yes or no, but I'll just say he looks pretty dead to me.

How did you decide to end Season 2 on this note? What were you hoping to accomplish with this final scene?
Eastin: Season 1 was really, for me, about Briggs and the idea of revenge. There's this Chinese proverb that basically says if you set out for revenge, dig two graves. It's this idea that revenge ultimately will destroy you and the people you care about as much as it destroys the person you're seeking revenge for. Even in Season 1, I was playing with the idea that Mike and Briggs are sort of the same. They're both at the top of Quantico. Both are the smartest guys in the room. Both of them are these guys who get put in these really tough situations and kind of have to make decisions and it's just how they react differently. Ultimately, in my mind, hopefully there is good in Briggs. I think Mike had it too, but it's just even harder to tap into. So what we've really been building to is balancing the scales. In episode 9, Mike tries very hard to save Lena ... and it doesn't work and she ends up dead. So the decision he makes to burn her body is, in his mind, he's trying to do something good, but he doesn't understand the emotional cost. For Mike, it's these decisions that he makes and the scales have to be balanced somewhere. Ultimately, that's how we balance them. The things that Mike did for whatever purpose were ultimately bad things and he pays, in this case, the ultimate price for those decisions.

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