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Hey everyone!

Today it's that day that those of us addicted to TV series await so eagerly for months to come: the return of fall TV Season. Most of us go from not having enough shows to watch to not have enough time to watch all TV shows!

But to those of us who follow and love rating news, the return of Fall TV Season also carries the return of the daily ratings excitement (and often worries!). About a month ago I've posted a series of articles with my predictions for the ratings average of each scripted TV show that was going to premiere this early fall and I invited everyone to submit theirs! So I thought that right before the official start of the TV season would be a good opportunity to look at those predictions as a whole and tease what is to come ratings wise! Let's take a look!


ShowAverageStandard Deviation
Last Man Standing1,255%
The Vampire Diaries0,836%
The 1000,657%
The Good Wife1,239%
Chicago P.D.1,589%
The Mindy Project1,159%
Person of Interest1,779%
Law and Order: SVU1,5810%
Chicago Fire1,8610%
Hawaii Five-01,3610%
The Flash0,9711%
Blue Bloods1,3212%
Madam Secretary1,2813%
About a Boy1,5213%
New Girl1,3114%
The Middle214%
Sleepy Hollow2,0314%
2 Broke Girls1,9815%
Criminal Minds2,3615%
Marvel's Agents of Shield2,0115%
Brooklyn Nine-Nine1,3616%
Red Band Society1,4616%
NCIS: New Orleans2,1317%
The Blacklist2,3617%
Grey's Anatomy2,218%
Modern Family3,2518%
Once Upon a Time1,9619%
NCIS: Los Angeles1,919%
The McHarthys1,7120%
The Mysteries of Laura1,1720%
The Goldbergs1,7922%
Manhattan Love Story1,0823%
Marry Me1,7526%
The Millers2,228%
A to Z1,3930%
How to Get Away with Murder2,3831%
The Originals0,7232%
Jane The Virgin0,4339%
Bad Judge1,340%
The Big Bang Theory4,8740%
Two and a Half Men2,4348%
Lots of data, lots of interesting facts here. I won't bother you too much with my own analysis but just some highlights: - New shows had a standard deviation of 23% compared to 16% from returning shows! This was a pretty obvious result since these are always the shows harder to predict and associated with a higher degree of uncertainty but it's very clear from this data! - The CW is pretty much by the book as far as predictions go, with the two new shows and the sophmore show that went through a drastic timeslot change being the ones with the highest deviation. Surprisingly though, that's the most "well behaved" network, with the other ones being all over the place, with the possible exception of ABC where Revenge and Cristela are the only odd placers. - CBS comedies scored a surprisingly high amount of uncertainty among predictors with Mom, The Millers, The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men all at the bottom of the list and TBBT and TAHM actually being the two less certain predictions of the list! - Comedy in general seems to be harder to predict than dramas though! I don't know exactly what motivates this but comedy shows up with a deviation of 22% while dramas stick with 16%, a sizable difference! - Among networks, NBC takes the podium as being the most consensual network with a 21% deviation, with ABC and CBS coming close with 19% each and the CW and FOX actually being the most consensual ones with 15% each! The CW also has 3 shows in the top 5 of most predictable shows, with them being Arrow, TVD and Arrow, which follow only ABC's Last Man Standing! - In terms of days of the week, the differences are striking with two days clearly emerging as the hardest ones to predict - Monday and Thursday, with 23% and 24% deviation respectively. Sundays comes after with 18%, followed by Tuesday and Wednesday both with 15% and only then Friday with a surprisingly low 13%! - Comparing the overall readers' predictions with my own, 7 shows distinguish themselves for the big differences: Jane the Virgin (43% deviation!), The Originals (20%), NCIS Los Angeles (12%), Castle (10%), The Millers (10%), The 100 (-11%) and How to Get Away with Murder (-12%). The only one of these I would find a bit surprising would be Castle since it's a show that didn't have major timeslot changes and for which I didn't feel I was being especially optimistic or pessimistic when predicting. Well folks, that's about it for now! What about you? Which predictions surprised you the most? Which predictions you definitely don't agree with? Hit it off in the comments below! Remember that these will continue to pop up throughout the year before midseason shows premiere (we will have one for sure for State of Affairs and whatever else is announced until then in the middle of the fall), so stay tuned and, of course, enjoy fall season! I will keep updating this post in the meantime! Previous posts (Predictions close for these!): - Monday Shows - Tuesday Shows - Wednesday Shows - Thursday Shows - Friday and Sunday Shows