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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Episode 2.01 - Undercover - A Baker's Dozen Non-Spoilery Teases

Welcome back to the Nine-Nine friends!  I've got a look at Brooklyn Nine-Nine's  second season premiere, "Undercover," and I picked out some fun bits and bobs to help you get through the last week of waiting.  (And let me tell you, it's worth the wait).

Here, for you, a baker's dozen non-spoilery teases:

- In keeping with B99’s homage-esque tone, Jake’s FBI undercover assignment is quite the throwback. And is definitely his dream assignment.
- Boyle needs to work on his sexual innuendo-filled “tough cop” lines.
- Gina resigns herself to a drop in social class, which involves a change in spirit animals.
- Jake and Amy talk about the former’s admission prior to the silent 6 months. Twice.
- Someone is driving the precinct crazy with drills, which eventually leads to a retaliatory bouncy castle.
- Boyle accidentally gives away a secret to Jake.
- One of the best/worst recurring jokes from last season makes a reappearance.
- If you’re bummed about missing out on the six months between the first season finale and the second season premiere, Jake’ll fill you in about his goings on within his allotted 12 seconds, and only 3 things happened in the precinct.
- Someone creates a new drink to make the most of a 2-drink maximum -- it works better in theory than in practice.
- There’s mention of “The Gina Incident,” which may or may not be what you think.
- A bonding experience involving a classic Billy Joel song comes into play, and is tied to Jake’s cover.
- The Captain is smiling less than usual. In other news, the Captain apparently smiles.
- Terry gets to show off his acting skills, including his ability to portray an inanimate object.

Enjoy the teases for now, and hold on til next Sunday when the Nine-Nine comes back to a television/phone/whatever-new-technology-we'll-have-in-a-week screen near you.  I'll see you then to react to the show's second season kick-off.

What are you hoping most to see this season on Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

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