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Boardwalk Empire - 5.03 What Jesus Said - Advanced Preview

It's hard to describe this spiritually juxtaposed episode as anything less than fantastic! In my previous review, I had mentioned Boardwalk's greatness for both it's portrayal of social dysfunction, often in the form of miscommunication, but also in it's way of going in circles. This episode continues the trend.

The focus this Sunday is on Nucky trying to induce Joesph Patrick Kennedy Sr., whom, as it turns out, is very much at odds with Thompson's way of life, especially because Nucky refuses to answer one rather important question--a question that viewers should have been asking for the entire series! It also focuses on Chalky White and his less than rational new traveling companion, whose nonsensical revenge story not only proves how delirious he is, but also shows the true colors of Chalky when they attempt to take over a mother's & daughter's home. We sidestep Chicago and the mental institution this week, but do get back in touch with Margret, Sally Wheet, and see what Dr. Narcisse is up to -and with whom he refuses to do business with.

The episode also flashbacks again to 1884 in a story that focuses on sweet childhood notions of romance in contrast to an adult love story gone wrong. I found it incredibly touching and important, especially because of how this episode ends and because of speculations I have of a certain character's outcome in upcoming episodes.

Without giving more away, I will again leave you with some teasers

-One main character will directly feel the wrath of Arnold Rothstein's death
-One main character will receive two letters (there is a catch with this one)
-Two main characters will be reunited after a long separation.
-Viewers will be introduced to a new dancer at the Onyx Club
-One character constantly refuses to drink alcohol through out the episode
-Two characters will listen to music together, but not in the same space
-Two characters will retaliate for being refused
-One character will kiss a pony
-And three characters in the same situation, will lie about the current state of a relative.

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