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True Blood – Love Is To Die – Review : "Death Is Scary" 

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   Dear Trubies, oh what a great episode “Love Is To Die” was. I loved every minutes of it. The episode was built to tie some loose ends (Sam, Jessica, Hoyt...) and to build to the series finale (Sookie & Bill Vs. the Yakuzas) !
   But first, “Love Is To Die” was all about Bill’s choice not to drink the antidote. It was a controversial choice from the writers, and I’m glad they took that road. It’s brave to have the main male character to kill himself, and Bill's choice to die was beautifully explained.
   The rest of the episode centered on the weird square love thing between Jessica, Hoyt, Jason, Bridgette. I must admit I’m not a big fan of the story but I still enjoyed it. At least, it gave closure to the main characters of the show.

   So Bill chose not to drink Sarah’s blood. The cure was right in front of him but he chose to meet the true death instead. Of course, Jessica and Sookie, the two characters who really have a special relationship with him, had a violent reaction. They didn’t understand him. I loved Sookie’s slappings to Bill. Too bad Eric stopped the last one.
   And Jessica asked to be released from Bill. It was unexpected and yet very powerful. Even if it was short, I could really feel how it affected Jessica. Deborah Ann Woll was extraordinary, especially when she gasped and covered her mouth, I could really feel Jessica's surprise and heartbreak.
   After spending some much time finding a cure, watching Bill chose not to drink it was too much for Sookie. She was angry and devastated, she didn’t understand and most of all she wasn’t ready to loose another man in her life. She already lost Alcide some days ago, losing Bill would be a lot, maybe too much for her right now. It’s understandable and luckily her friend Arlene was there to support her. I missed some Lafayette and Sookie scenes, he used to be a good confident for Sookie and he also had excellent advises. He probably is too busy with James. But Arlene was really a great friend to Sookie, she has experienced over losing men in her life.

   Sookie found also comfort with Eric, a bit. I’m glad they share a long scene together, I really miss that this season. Eric has been away for too long. Eric came because Bill talked to him about his choice of dying and asked him to convince to let him explain to her.
   I really love Bill and Eric scenes, they’re both very interesting and always mysterious characters but they have always made a great duo. Once again, I missed Eric in Bon Temps this season, I'm glad he finally had the time to catch up with Sookie and Bill before the series finale.
   Last week, Bill had a vision of Sookie holding their baby, but it was death, a black void. This made him realized what he actually represents for Sookie : death, darkness. She always has been attracted to him, and to Eric also. She is the light attracted to darkness. Despite of the horrible things they both did to her, but especially Billth, she has always came back to them. Bill realized their relationship isn’t healthy, it will destroy Sookie and they have no future (expect if Sookie turned into a fairy vampire then they can have a wonderful and very long life together but I don’t see it happening).
   Bill wants to die, so Sookie can be free of him, of the vampires drama and live her life as a human fairy waitress. It’s a good intention, and his choice is totally understandable. I’m glad the writers explained it that way. Now Sookie needs to hear it.

   Eric did his job at convincing Sookie to accept to see Bill and have a discussion at her home. But that caused some drama back at Fangtasia.
   First, Pam gave Sarah Newlin her blonde hair back. That scene was hilarious. Kristin Bauer Van Straten and Anna Camp were amazing. I can’t pick a favorite line because everything Pam says is great. Perhaps my favorite would be “El gag-o… I need to remove-o” to the Yakuzas. Pam and Sarah are the funniest characters on True Blood right now, so it was great to have them sharing a scene.
   Then Eric came back to Fantasia, after letting Sookie to Bill because Eric finally admitted Sookie loves Bill and there is not really a place for him in Sookie’s life anymore. So, he fucked Ginger. She had been waiting for that for so many years, she finally became a real sex slave. The whole scene was weird, a bit disturbing but it was very funny, as always with Ginger. I had no idea one could come that way.
   After that sweet moment, Eric found Pam tied down, with a big stake on top of her. The Yakuzas learnt Eric had talked about their secret antidote and they are now threatening Pam’s life. I said I had enough of Pam being threaten and almost killed. It’s the last episodes, it would be too painful to watch her die just now. I hate those Yakuzas ! Eric had no choice but to tell them Sookie Stackhouse knows about the antidote and they asked where she lives… Just when Bill arrived to talk with her. Wow, next week the Yakuzas will meet Bill and Sookie. It will be epic, but I don’t think they really stand a chance against Bill.

   Other parts of the episode centered on the weird love triangle or more the couples switch of Jessica, Jason, Hoyt and Bridget. As predicted last week, Jessica and Hoyt finally found themselves back and spent a torrid night together.
   Hoyt made things clean, he first broke off with Bridget after they argued, again, on having children and Hoyt’s relationship to Jessica. Jessica interrupted the scene and finally told Hoyt the whole truth. She told him what they had, what she done to him, what they lost. I thought it was very selfish from her, Hoyt asked her to remove his memories, he wanted to erase her, and Jason, from his life so I could move forward. Having Jessica just split everything the minute he arrives in town is a bit of a let down for me. I wish Jessica would have kept her mouth shut and Hoyt would have stayed with Bridget. I don't really believe Jessica has grown, so now she can get back to Hoyt. In my opinion, Jessica has rown, she has explored her dark side and that is the reason she can't be with Hoyt, he represents the past not her future. I think it's never a good idea to get back with an ex.
   The most interesting part of that love drama is Jason and Bridget part. Watching them getting closer was fun. Bridget is very likable, she is really nice and normal (that's a change for Jason). She might be actually the right pick for Jason, if he really wants to settle down and have a family. I really enjoyed how she spent the night with Jason, without jumping on him and having sex with him right away. Jason has really grown over the past seasons, I’m glad of his evolution and finishing his story with Bridget would be totally satisfying for me.

   “Love Is To Die” was a solid episode, it was satisfying because it resolved many sub stories and it established the ground for the last episode. Of course, there will be surprises, but Bill will be probably finally die, Jessica and Hoyt are going to Alaska, Jason and Bridget will have babies, Andy and Holly will marry.
   What did you think of “Love Is To Die” and what do you expect for the series finale next Sunday ?

Vampires notes :

• Sam left. Finally. It’s probably the best decision he ever made. Still, I’m happy he is off to Chicago to have his kid. He deserves some peace and some joy after everything he suffered in Bon Temps. Do you want a spin off Sam the shapeshifter in Chicago ? Could be fun… Or not. Are you happy Sam has left Bon Temps ?
• Sookie slapping Bill. I loved it, I could watch it over and over.
• Sam’s note to Andy. Efficient and simple. No need to be alone to read it.
• So pink is Jason’s favorite color. Too bad he doesn’t wear it.
• Willa is definitely gone then. It was nice knowing you girl.
• Jess and James talk at Bellefleur’s was great, I’m glad they both acknowledged they weren’t made to have a relationship, outside of the vampires camp. James is happy with Lafayette and Jessica is with Hoyt so everybody is happy :)
• Hoyt punched Jason ! And strongly ! He totally deserved and I loved how Jason joked about concussions and how many he got.

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